Arrived Safely in Walagu

This will be my first test of the HF email system for this trip. This message is sent via email to my blog and then from my blog to facebook. Radio may be a somewhat outdated technology but I think it’s wonderful.

Walagu is sunny and beautiful today. The helicopter ride out here was relatively uneventful and I am happy to have the afternoon to settle in a bit, sort cargo and prepare for tomorrow. Check out Beverly’s blog: for pictures of the helicopter taking off from Ukarumpa aviation this morning. Despite the dry conditions today, when the pilot tested the airstrip, it was definitely not fit for landing. But i’m here safely and I am very thankful for the warm welcome and the peace I have being out here in Walagu again. Please continue to be in prayer for the things listed below.

  1. Good health. Being out here alone would make getting sick even less fun. And Jackson isn’t here (we saw him in Mendi but there was no space on the flight). So pray for my health as well as the health of the Onobasulu people here.
  2. Jackson. He is our aidpost worker and with the airstrip in poor repair and the bad weather, it has been hard for him to get back out here. Pray that a way would open up for him to come with all the medicines too.
  3. The airstrip. Might as well start praying now for people to be motivated to work and for the lawn mowers to work well and for the weather to be dry enough to strengthen it before the next flight on November 14th.
  4. Good weather. The batteries seem happy and today is beautiful. The tank is full but as always pray for a good mix of rain and sun.
  5. Good time with people. I have lots of work to finish handing things over to the teachers and Hauwo and Jeffery but I want to enjoy this time with the people and especially the kids. I don’t know when I will be in Walagu next so I want to make the most of the time I do have.
  6. The work. There is lots to be accomplished so that the people here are equipped and can do the literacy work well. I’ve tried hard to make things that are user friendly but now is the time to test them out and work out any kinks before I leave.
  7. My head and heart. Being alone in the village isn’t the easiest for me but I know that I am surrounded by wonderful people and will have plenty of work to do. Please pray that I would find ways to process and people to spend time with. I want to enjoy the Onobasulu while I still can.

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