The Spirit Moves- Yes it does!

This is just a brief overview of this past weekend in South Carolina.  The conference will be the subject of my November Newsletter so I look forward to sharing more with you after Ryan and I have had more time to process the experience.

IMG_9898Day in and day out, the Spirit of the Lord is moving.  Interactions with the call to go has many different manifestations but every Christian is called to respond.  As Giotis, a pastor from Greece, pointed out- It’s about ordinary people, living ordinary lives with Gospel intentionality.

IMG_9897This weekend was an amazing mix of reunions, soul stirring worship, face to face team time, vision sharing, encouragement and receiving nourishment from the word of God thanks to some great speakers.  The music was led by Kevin Twit.  If you haven’t listened to Indelible Grace, which was founded by Kevin Twit, you should!  Check it out on their website Indelible Grace Music.

IMG_9893One of my favorite things this weekend was being able to spend time with my friend Shannon.  Here we are pictured enjoying the falls in downtown Greenville.  Shannon is currently raising support to work with the Perth team as a visual artist.  You might have heard me talk about her tea bag art but if you follow her blog Yellow Brick Studio then you will be able to track her progress and see parts of her latest work which includes lots of paper straw covers!


Aboriginal Facts and A Weekend in South Carolina

Tomorrow I fly to Greenville, South Carolina along with Ryan and a couple other friends from church.  We will be attending the MTW Global Missions Conference.  The theme is The Spirit Moves and we are all looking forward to hearing stories and seeing how the spirit is moving all over the world.  Please pray for safe travels and easy connections.  And also pray for the presentations and conversations that will be happening this weekend.  I am excited to see friends who I haven’t seen in awhile and Ryan will be meeting a lot of new people.  We hope and pray that this conference will be another important piece of the puzzle as Ryan and I make decisions about our future together.

Aboriginal FactsThis is part of the brochure I created for the Australia table in order to give further information about the work with the Aboriginal community.  Click on it to see the full size PDF.  It was based off of the brochure that I created earlier this year so parts of it may look familiar.  But I have added some more facts and history pertaining specifically to Aboriginal people.  I hope that this gets into the hands of many people and churches who will join in praying for the Aboriginal community.

The Spirit Moves and Ravi Zacharias

November 8-10th is the PCA Global Missions Conference in Greenville, South Carolina.  The Spirit Moves is a great theme that will hopefully lead to some awesome worship and thoughtful conversations.  I’m looking forward to seeing what is happening all over the globe and listening to some very gifted speakers as well.

One of those speakers is Ravi Zacharias.  I have never head Ravi speak before but I am excited to hear this man in action, especially after reading his book Walking from East to West: God in the Shadows.  Not knowing anything about this man’s background, I was happy when my kindle suggested this autobiographical book.  Walking from East to West: God in the Shadows not only introduces the reader to Ravi’s life but his heart as well.  The book takes you through the events that formed and shaped him.  Ravi writes in a raw and honest way but leaves no doubt that God has been with him from the beginning.  He is absolutely satisfied in knowing that he is where God wants him to be.  I found his writing both encouraging and motivating.  I can’t wait to hear him speak in person!