The Beach and the Rain


As I write this post we are listening to rolling thunder.  With our drought, any rain is exciting and although we’ve had some sprinkles today, the real rain remains elusive.  Ryan and I went on a two hour walk around Camarillo hoping to enjoy some of the promised scattered showers but we didn’t feel a drop.  Please pray that California would receive rain.  For my weather loving husband, this is an exciting time to keep watching the radar.


Yesterday was beautiful, slightly windy and a wonderful day to spend at the beach.  Not a raincloud, or any cloud for that matter, in sight.  Ryan and I took one of the students I teach online to the Santa Monica.  She is spending a few weeks in California for the summer.  It was fun to meet her and show her some of the great places California has to offer.  Since she arrived in California on Wednesday, she was still dealing with jet lag.  But napping on the beach was just the ticket.  Ryan did some body surfing and I relaxed and enjoyed the sun.

Explaining Daylight Savings

Daylight savings doesn’t happen everywhere.  So each time the clock changes, my work schedule changes.  The students I teach online wouldn’t know any difference but I did take this opportunity to explain daylight savings to my older students.  If any of them choose to live, study or visit the US, they may encounter this strange clock twisting thing called daylight savings.


This is a map from Wikipedia (DST Countries Map” by TimeZonesBoy – Own work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons) and it shows daylight savings participation by area.  The only places that change with us are those in blue.  Even in the US, Arizona doesn’t participate.

I explained to the students the history of daylight savings being implemented for farmers but that we’ve just kept it on even though we are no longer a primarily agricultural society.  And they asked good questions like, “Do you think daylight savings is a good thing or does it bother you?”

Well, I personally don’t mind daylight savings time too much.  The biggest source of frustration is all the clocks that don’t automatically change.  My computer, phone and the cable box all got the memo on their own but I will be changing clocks around the house for the next week or so.  And if I don’t catch them all now, I may find myself next month staring at a clock that is telling me a strange time and I’ll need to remember why.

But if I had to choose, I don’t know if I would want to get rid of daylight savings or keep it.  For now I will just enjoy the perks of daylight savings while hopefully sleeping off the negative effects over the next week or so.

For everyone who just experienced daylight savings, enjoy the sunshine!

Another Job Update and Back to Curriculum

It has been a few years since I’ve gotten to dig my fingers into curriculum development and I’m excited that it is now a part of my new job.  When I wrote my last job update I had simply applied at a couple schools as well as a temp agency to see if I could get any subbing hours.  A few days later I got an email from a woman who had my resume from an earlier reply (back in January!) to her job posting.

We had a great first meeting and this is now my third week teaching for her.  The company offers online ESL classes that connect Chinese leaners to American English teachers.  Since it is a relatively new business she is hiring teachers and starting them with students one on one while she develops the curriculum for larger online classes.  5 days a week, I am working with a student who is preparing to come to the US.  We have an interactive online classroom complete with audio and video chat.  And I also get the joy of  helping her work on the curriculum.  The teaching time is fixed but the curriculum time is flexible so it works around the other things already going on.

But the best part really is that I get to work on curriculum again and use the skills and training I started developing back in Papua New Guinea.  I’m already starting to feel the activity ideas and organizational structures coming back.  It feels good to be back working in an area that I love.