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8 thoughts on “Contact Joy

  1. Joy –

    I thought about you today and that sent me through my old e-mails to get your “blog” site. I have added it to my favorites so I can check in to see what’s up! I love the view from your room, but could not handle the “land in motion” aspect of PNG.

    Enjoy, stay happy, keep writing, and please know you are being thought of by lots of people back in the US!

    Aunt G

  2. Blessings Joy, Great blog. You are in my prayers. The Feast of Tabernacles is coming up and you have already built your own booth. We are reminded from the OT that life is fragile and we are dependent upon God as the source of all blessing and that God has chosen to dwell in the midst of his people, regardless of where that may be or what kind of shelter they may have. God’s provision and God’s presence are two themes that come up over and over again. May you know the joy and the peace of both of these on this journey. My prayers are with you. Susie Veon

  3. It is inspiring to see part of your journey. I love your commitment to the Lord.

    My family is connected to yours through a partnership with your parents in ministry. I love and appreciate them.


  4. Hi Joy,
    It was great to read through your adventures here on your blog. I’m especially excited about the snakes and grubs. I have thought about you several times in the last few weeks and I still can’t believe God’s faithfulness, you are actually in PNG…wow!
    We have prayed for you multiple times on Thursday nights and I can’t wait to hear more of an update when you return from the village.
    From Psalm 20 for you: May God answer you in the day of trouble, May the Name of the God of Jacob protect you, may he send you help from the sactuary and support from Zion
    …see you soon…email me and let me know if there is a skype possiblity when you are back in town.

  5. Hey Joy, been thinking about you a lot. Hope you are doing well. We will be praying for you tonight. I pray God is your strength and comfort. Much love. Lisa Wilner

  6. Hi Joy,

    such a huge blessing to follow along how you are serving
    and the amazing blessings that are presenting themselves in your life.

    Thank you so very much for the beautifully detailed, daily updates written about the activities that keep you firmly blooming where you have planted.
    I will bring your story to our Marinership at FOPC and elicit financial support for your cause.
    God bless you all and the work you are doing in our preccious Lord’s name.


    Kristy Johnson

  7. Dear Joy,

    My name is Laura and at the moment I am studying at Redcliffe College –
    Since I am interested in Bible Translation and linguistics work, I am helping to develop a Bible Translation / Scripture Engagement section on Redcliffe’s Centre for the Study of Bible and Mission microsite, Among other things, this would include links to blogs of missionaries involved in Scripture related work.
    We would love to highlight your blog as part of this section! Would you be happy for us to do this?
    If so, we would appreciate if could you give us a one-line description of the blog/yourselves that you would be happy for us to use.
    We would also like to know how we can better resource those involved in Bible Translation and Engagement, and how we can encourage others to consider these ministries. What should we be blogging and providing resources about?
    If you can think of anything that you or others would find useful on our microsite, please let us know.
    Look forward to hearing from you.

  8. there are lots of people who give thier time to the unfortunates i complement you for the good deeds
    simon geatavem from loun russell

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