ESL- The Last Week

20160126_110438Two main lasts are happening this week.  I’m happy about having only a last couple of days without Ryan but I’m sad that today is my last day of teaching because I have my final evening class.  I really enjoy teaching ESL to adults.  As much as I love teaching kids, adults are motivated and interesting in a different kind of way.  I have loved getting to know my students and their stories.  I will miss them.  20160126_110303And they will miss me.  Yesterday during my last morning class the students surprised me with a party complete with a cake, flowers, cards, pizza and other food.  I really appreciate their effort and planning.  It made the day extra special.  I wish all the students could have been a part of it but that’s one of the realities of working with adults, they come to class around their work and kid schedules.  This is only a part of the awesome class that made teaching so enjoyable for me.  Maybe in the future, I will have an opportunity to teach English again.

Oh the places you’ll go. Part 6.


I think it’s fine to dedicate this toilet post to my cousin.  He is the one who took the picture of the keg urinal in Brats Brothers and this is definitely a picture worthy of the “Oh the places you’ll go” series.

Brats Brothers

Thanks Branch for taking advantage of your LA visit and spending some time with us.  It’s always fun to reminisce about the old days but it’s definitely more fun to hang out with you as an adult.  We get in a lot less trouble now even when there is beer involved.  Love you cousin!

The Name Change Process

I’m not the first person who has ever changed their name and I will not be the last but there are certainly a lot of hoops to jump through.  And of course I have to apply for the Substitute Credential right in the middle of the process so all my IDs still say my maiden name but the credential should have my married name because otherwise I will have to go back to change it in a week or so or however long the process takes.

Add to this the little emotional tug that comes with changing a beloved name.  Of course there are perks to my new married name but I will no longer be Joy Candee.  Well, except online:-)

So here are the steps to this process (as far as I know) which might come in handy for the next person or maybe someone will catch something I missed along the way.


1. Before you apply for your marriage license think about the name change.  Both the husband and the wife can change their middle and last names by just indicating the new choices on the form they make you fill out to get the license.  Once you submit the form, you can’t go back and amend it, you have to go through another name change process so this is the time to make the decision you want to stick with.  I kept my middle name and just changed my last name.  My husband didn’t change his name.

2. Fill your name choice on the marriage license form.

3. Get married and send in the correct paperwork.

4. Wait a week, or two or three and request a copy or two or three of the marriage license.

5. Go to the social security office with a copy of the marriage license and have them change the name on your social security card.  (The number stays the same.)

6. Wait two weeks for the new social security card to come in the mail and then take the new card to the DMV and change your name on your drivers license.

7. This also means you need to change your name on all your insurance information, i’m assuming if the car is in your name that needs to be changed to and anything else driving related.  I have a DMV appointment next week so we’ll see what hoops they need me to jump through.

8. Once you have your new drivers license in hand (probably another week or so via snail mail), it is the banks turn.  Change the name on your accounts, request new credit cards, request new checks and there is probably something else I am forgetting too.

9. New passport.  Since all you need is the copy of the marriage certificate, this can be done once you have the copy but probably safest after you’ve gone to the social security office (although i’m not sure if your passport is actually linked to your social or not).  This is on my to-do list this week.  We’ll see if anything in the process surprises me.

10. Think about all the other things that are connected to your name, your employer should probably know that your name has changed, other insurance (not just car insurance), all those accounts at grocery stores, other credit cards and don’t forget to change your name for voting as well.  I’m sure I will keep finding things that I didn’t think about in the next few months.

11. Enjoy the change!  It’s been fun to see my new name written out and think- That’s me!

So with that said and done, can anyone think of something i’ve missed along the way?

Sad Computer Day

My computer seems to be having a harddrive issue.  The issue may be that it needs a new harddrive but that’s unfortunate since the computer is less than a year old.  Anyway, I don’t have easy computer access now so my blogging may be somewhat sporadic or non-existent until my computer is back, up and running.  Pray for a quick and not too costly fix.  And until I post again, know that I am enjoying this holiday season because Christmas in California with my family is a wonderful blessing and a treat.