Living in Grace and Finding Joy

This weeks training is called Living in Grace.  I love this title and it’s very fitting for my life.  Because, surprise!  I’m not so great at actually living in grace.  Talking about grace, no problem.  Understanding grace intellectually, not such a problem.  Spouting grace-ish filled pithy statements, easy.  But truly understanding grace deep within me and then living in that grace, seemingly impossible.  So this week I hope and pray to continue working towards truly living in grace.  A grace that will continue with me wherever we go.Screen Shot 2016-06-01 at 7.05.40 PM.pngThis post was scheduled before we left for Living in Grace so please forgive the silence for the rest of the week while we focus on our training and marriage.  But please also take this time to note the new home of my blog:  There is currently a first post up and that’s where I will continue blogging once we finish our time in North Carolina.  If you would like to receive or keep receiving this blog via email, please take the time to check out Finding Joy in Transition and click the “Sign me up!” button on the left hand side.

I don’t want you to miss any of the exciting news and I look forward to continue sharing with you from our new online home!  🙂



June News- Weathering the Changes

On Wednesday the 1st, if you’re on our mailing list, you received our June Newsletter in your inbox and the snail mail ones were mailed out on May 31st.  I almost never send out a newsletter right at the beginning of the month but we have some great news to share.  And no, I’m not pregnant.  I still feel like I need to make this disclaimer every time I talk about “having news to share” with someone.  So I guess the time I write…we have some news to share… and don’t make the disclaimer, you’ll all know the newsletter content already:-)2016 June-online.jpgBut anyway, for those of your who have not read our news already, you can read it by clicking on the picture above or on our website under the About tab.  We share the great and the not so great and there are some cute picture of us too, if I do say so myself.

I will almost always post our newsletters to the blog but if you want to receive them first, let me know and I will add you to our mailing list.  Happy reading!


Just be Still

“The Lord will fight for you.  Just be still.” Exodus 14:14

These words, from the kid’s church verse from last week, are a powerful reminder to me in this season of business.  Ryan and I have gone from place to place, speaking engagement to speaking engagement and this is just the beginning of our busy summer.  We swing from low, exhausted lows to energized, determined highs and back again.  Yes, this is our job but we have to be careful that we don’t start relying too much on our own abilities and forget the underlying foundation of our work.ExodusI’m not good at being still.  I’m not good at resting.  Case in point: As I type these words, I’m actually feeling a little guilty because it’s Sunday afternoon and I should be napping or otherwise really resting but instead I’ve convinced myself that writing a blog entry to maintain my blogging schedule is more important.  And although I am going to finish this,  I’m reminded that I need to remember the words of this verse even more.

“The Lord will fight for you.  Just be still.”  The deeper we get in this process, the more convinced I am that my own words and abilities are severely inadequate.  It’s only by God’s grace, through the Lord fighting for us that we will see everything fall into place, raise the support we need, finish the training we have to complete and make it to Australia.

We have a loving heavenly father engaged in this battle, we have his son Jesus who is also in on this fight and the Holy Spirit is constantly doing battle on our behalf.  We have a whole army fighting for us…now to just be still.

April Goals and Prayers

Sunrise Hike2The last day of March is inspiring me to look forward and set some April goals.  April is our last month in California before our cross-country road trip, training and traveling May through July support raising extravaganza.  It’s going to be an intense time of work, travel and training but Ryan and I are both excited about all the possibilities.  So here are 3 of the goals we have as we look ahead to our April in California:

  1. 60% support by the end of April:  $580 will get us to this goal.  This is about 6 individuals or couples giving $100 a month or 29 individuals or couples giving $20 a month.  It’s been so exciting for us to see how our support team is growing.  Please prayerfully consider how you can be a part of our ministry in this way.
  2. An April Newsletter: Typically we will be sending out newsletters quarterly but so much is going on right now that we want to keep people (who might not be blog readers:-) in the loop.  Look for a newsletter in your inbox early next month!
  3. Update Our Website: Ryan and I worked hard to get our website ( up and running but have recently left it kind of on the back burner.  We’d love to have our newsletters switched over from the blog to the website and add some other features and links to help continue to share our vision.  I’ll be sure to post a link when we do make those updates

Sunrise HikePlease keep us in prayer this month.  We feel the impact that prayers make and we love that we are building our ministry on a foundation of prayer.

  1. Pray for our marriage: Ryan and I live together, work together, eat together, play together, etc.  While this is amazing in so many ways, it also has it’s own challenges.
  2. Pray for our travel plans: Coordinating is a big part of our job.  Pray that we would connect with the right people while we are traveling and for safe travels along the way.
  3. Pray for discernment:  We have some big work related decisions to make and we need abundant wisdom.  Pray that God would continue to direct us under our team leadership and give us peace while taking the steps of faith that He wants us to take.
  4. Pray for our ministry: Our ministry has already begun.  We praise God for the opportunities we have had to encourage, support and pray for others along the way.  Pray that we would continue to glorify God while in this time of transition.

Thank you for loving us through prayer!


A New (to me) Phone

I will admit that having a smart phone is a blessing in so many ways.  It’s a great way to keep in touch with people because I have my Facebook, email and phone all in one place.  With maps and GPS it is a lot more difficult to get completely lost.  Ryan and I keep schedules, do mobil banking, write lists and so much more.  IMG_20160311_151723However, technology keeps moving forward and one of my least favorite tasks is getting a new phone.  I don’t like relearning how things work and re-setting up all the apps and such that I use on a regular and not-so-regular basis.  That is why I’ve waited for so long for this latest upgrade (despite having the new phone at least 6 months since it is Ryan’s old one from his last upgrade).  However, when the majority of my main apps stopped working because they are “no longer compatible with this device”, I had to take the plunge.IMG_20160311_142452Ryan is now helping me set up my One Plus One.  The One Plus phones are a great and relatively inexpensive alternative to the current phone market.  I’m not promoting these phones for profit, Ryan and I have simply found that this was a good choice for us.  Although larger than my preference, this phone will hopefully work well for a long time.  It is not tied to a specific network and will be able to adapt to Australia too.  So with that said, here’s to new phones and new technology!


My Favorite Time of Year and Car Trouble

I love Easter and that is why I love Lent.  I love the season of Lent.  I love this time of remembering, the building up and anticipation of why Easter Sunday is special.  The resurrection doesn’t mean anything without the reality of the cross.  Lent is also traditionally a time of self denial.  Of course, on the road our remembering and traditions will look different but I’m still excited to see how God meets us during this time.  Our need for God in every moment of our lives continues to be very apparent.20160211_122307You never want to start a car trip with car trouble.  Therefore we thought we were being proactive when we had a little work done on the car.  However, the next day our check engine light turned on.  It could be something small or it could be a sign of a much bigger problem.  Please pray for wisdom and for things to get sorted out so that we can safely be on the road again early next week.  Thank you for praying us through our travels.

And so it begins…

Today begins our first round of travels.  While we have left Camarillo, we are not headed to Australia just yet.  Lord willing, we will be in Australia sometime this fall.  But first things first, Sacramento and the Pacific Northwest.  If you’re in those places and we haven’t already made plans to visit with you, let us know where you are and we’d love to try to spend some time with you!20160208_085716It’s difficult to say good-bye to Ryan and my first home together.  After reluctantly moving to Camarillo, I’m now terribly sad to be leaving this amazing group of friends.  However, this is not good-bye forever and I’m excited to be able to travel with my husband and spend time with other amazing people who we haven’t had the privilege of living close to these last 2 years.

Thank you for your prayers for safety on the road, divine appointments and for the next 20% of our support to be raised by mid-March.  We’re so thankful to have our many friends and communities continuing with us though prayers!

Helping Hands

20160206_183104These are the hands that helped carry the boxes.  These are the hands that helped pack the car and clean the house.  These are the hands that helped paint the walls, sort the clothes and sweep the floors.  These are the hands that helped organize the bags, wash the windows, wrap the breakables and move the furniture.  These are the hands that helped us move.  Thanks to these hands (and many others who helped along the way in all their different ways) we will be able to move out on Monday.  We are so thankful for the many helping hands.

Tall Husband Perk #7

IMG_20160202_145950No ladder needed. We were putting things into storage on Tuesday and I climbed up into the space because Ryan could easily hand the boxes up to me.  He did use the ladder to help boost himself with some of the heavier items but his long arms and height definitely made the lifting easier.

Note: We are storing the things that eventually will be shipped to Australia.  We’ve gotten rid of all big items and will be traveling around the US for the next few months with only what fits in our car.