Let’s Do the Numbers- Trusting through the Silence

My husband loves listening to Alistar Begg, not just because of his Scottish accent but also because of his spiritual knowledge and insights.  An article I recently received quoted him saying, “If you cannot trust God with the physical, how dare you trust Him with the spiritual? Can you trust Him for your soul’s redemption, and yet not rely upon Him for a few lesser mercies? Is God not enough for your need, or is His all-sufficiency too narrow for your wants?”
australian moneyTo maintain this mindset is difficult while raising support, especially when we reach plateaus or don’t see our account growing as quickly as we would like.  The article, If God can Save the World then He can Pay your Wages, speaks directly to this point.  And for me, it is a reality that I wholeheartedly trust and praise God for my salvation but in the same hour question His ability to provide for us.  Please pray for our hearts, that we would trust that God would provide for us, even through the silence.

Last support update we reported that we were at 59.2% of our goal but now we are at 60.1%.  We didn’t meet our April goal of 60% until the first week of May.  But now we have surpassed that mark and are ready to trust God to help us get to 75% by the end of June.  But we do this one month at a time so our May goal is 68%.  $900 in monthly giving will help us reach this goal.  $25 a month makes a difference in our budget and 36 individuals or couples can make this goal a reality.  It’s easy to give by contacting MTW (Mission to the World) or using their online giving site: donations.mtw.org.

Thank you to everyone who has already been giving and advocating for us.  We know that we are part of a larger community who trust the God of the universe and I am encouraged by everyone who is praying for us and already a part of our ministry.  If you want to advocate for us but are unsure of what it is, advocating is as easy as talking about Australia and encouraging others to get involved and learn about our ministry (Why Australia?).

Please keep praying for our support and God’s timing.  We have a lot of things going on right now that need to be covered in prayer.  We trust that as we share more in the future that you will be excited and praise God for what He is doing.  Thank you for helping us get to Australia!

A Visit to Yakama Nation

When I was support raising before, I visited a church on the Yakama reservation.  I was not sure what to expect from the visit but after having a meal with the team, getting a tour of the church building they were renovating and helping out with Kid’s Club (one of their local summer outreaches in the neighborhoods), I got a sense of the similarities between their ministry with Native Americans and what I had hoped would be my ministry with Aboriginals in Australia.IMG_20160301_152450~2.jpgFast forward to this week and one of the things we wanted to take advantage of while we were in Washington State was visiting this church again, catching up with the team and looking forward to what could be potential ministry connections for the future.

While we were chatting, this beautiful double rainbow crossed the sky outside the now complete church building.  We also got to attend youth group and see the building in action, about 70 young people from the surrounding community getting fed, playing games and hearing about forgiveness in Christ.

Our desire now is to remain in touch and potentially foster relationships between Native American and Aboriginal youth.  We believe that this could be potentially impactful for both our ministries.  Please pray for Sacred Road Ministries and their work reaching the Yakama people for Christ.

Faithful in Prayer…

“Prayer becomes an exercise of highest love when you forget about your own needs and sins, take up the cares and sorrows of other people, and lay them on the heart of God.”      -Benjamin Palmer

We had the privilege of speaking at and attending a prayer meeting in Tacoma last night.  What an amazing encouragement to see multiple generations of a church gathered together, sharing their hearts and praying.  Not just a quick prayer at the beginning and the end but a good long amount of devoted time where requests were listed up to God in unity of spirit.  Screen Shot 2016-02-25 at 9.49.45 AMRyan and I were well received and enjoyed hearing some of the ministry connections that we unknowingly shared with this congregation.  One of the connections is with David and Barbara Cross who worked with the same Brookton church in the 1970s.  It’s sweet to see how God is connecting us through the generations.

We believe that prayer is foundational for our ministry and it is also our covering going out.  Because of this, we were thankful to have an evening with fellow believers to be lifted up in prayer and also to join in praying for many others in the Seattle area, around our nation and around the world.

Visiting Nexus Portland

Today Ryan and I had the privilege of visiting Nexus Portland, a Calvary Nexus church plant.  It was really nice to be able to visit and worship together with a church that we’ve heard so much about and with people we’ve been praying for.  Ryan was able to reconnect with people he’s known and I was able to meet people who I feel like I already know.  I got caught up in visiting and sharing with everyone so I forgot to take a picture but this screen shot from the Nexus Portland website will have to suffice.Screen Shot 2016-02-21 at 4.45.59 PMRyan and I were also able to share about Australia and were prayed for multiple times during the morning.  One of my favorite things about being the body of Christ is being able to worship together and feel connected with very little background or introduction required.  This is our Christian community.  We’re thankful for this church and their heart for Portland.  We look forward to seeing how God continues to work and grow His Kingdom in the neighborhoods Nexus Portland is reaching.

Pampering Spa Day and Fundraiser

Yesterday was a beautiful day to get pampered.  I wish I’d taken a picture of all the ladies after we’d been spoiled and styled.  There were lots of great products to try and it was fun to hang out all afternoon, enjoy interesting conversations, snack on yummy food and visit with the ladies (and couple of guys:-) at the salon.FaceThis the me in full make-up but you can’t really tell because I was inside of a machine that uses a blacklight to show what’s underneath your skin.  We had a Dermelogica instructor come, do consultations and use this machine to show us where we have problem areas.  I was happy to hear that my skin is pretty healthy (only my eyes looked a bit dehydrated- so I drank a bunch of water right away:-).  We talked about it and I think my nice skin can be attributed to wearing sunscreen everyday since high school.  I guess I’ll keep it up!20160120_145250In addition to the facials, we enjoyed paraffin hand waxes.  Thanks to this my hands are super smooth and my nails look beautiful too.  There were also hair styles, makeup, eyelash extensions and all sorts of other fun pampering activities.

I’m so thankful for the people who helped make this event possible.  To Deserie who opened her salon and made herself and her products available.  To all the other ladies who spend the day with us, helping with treatments and taking payments to help support our work in Australia.  And to everyone who participated in all the awesome conversations about Australia and all sorts of other topics too.  What a great way to spend the afternoon!

Spa Day and Fundraiser

We’ve been very blessed to have people choose to use their creativity, businesses and talents to help us raise the needed financial support for Australia.  The latest is a Spa Day Event that, although it only really applies to people in this area, I wanted to share with everyone.  Please pray for this event and consider if you have a creative way to help get us to Perth, Brookton and beyond.Salon FundraiserI’m certainly looking forward to this event in January.  It will be fun to enjoy lunch, get pampered and visit with friends, new and old.  And don’t think it’s just something for the ladies, men can grab a gift certificate for their significant other or special products also make great gifts.Salon Fundraiser InfoIf you’re in the Camarillo area, be sure to take advantage of this great opportunity to hear about Australia, get pampered and buy products and services that will benefit our work in Australia.  The event itself isn’t until January but pre-sales are available so you’re welcome to buy now and get yourself or someone else something for the holidays.

A Day in My Life

Although Ryan and I are moving towards Australia, we are still doing our best to be present and make the most of our relationships, jobs and life here.  So coming back from Atlanta, I dove right back into work.  Monday was filled with meetings and today I was back in the classroom.

For my adult ESL class we reviewed different tenses based on their level, did worksheets, had conversations and finished the class with a writing activity in their journals.  Writing is a skill and editing is another skill.  We’re currently working on both and I use this handy little chart to remind the students what main things to be looking for when editing their own work as well as editing each other’s work.  This class is super motivated and they really enjoy learning and working together.  It’s nice to teach students who you know are there and ready to learn.
The Editing Cycle

While my first class of the day was pretty tame.  My ABE class (adult basic education) is always a little more upbeat and lively.  We reviewed numbers and colors and what plants need to grow.  This whole term we are focusing on plants but we throw in other basic knowledge and skills to keep the students interested and learning.  And we try to do activities that engage all their senses including videos like this one when we’re counting, we might as well exercise at the same time.  This class loves coloring and listening to 50’s music while they work.  They take every opportunity to get up, dance and move.