Introducing the Artists through their Art

Art is happening.  Art is happening in Indianapolis.  Art is happening in Indianapolis with the Perth Team.  Art is happening without me.  I have to live this weekend vicariously through the technological wonders of facebook and skype.  But I am thankful for these men and women who will be a part of my life in Perth.  Their art reaches out, connects people and tells their stories.


Shannon started knitting a scarf that now continues to be added to by different people, in different parts of the world.  This scarf was started in Australia and then carried to and continued in Japan.  It was used as part of the healing process after the tsunami.  Each person who adds to the scarf becomes a part of the art.  And the work continues.  This is the scarf that hugged the world.

Tim's people

Tim is currently collecting stick figures.  He put them together in a piece called “Cave Drawings”.  Tim also does water color, sculpture and charcoal drawings.  Feel like drawing?  Send Tim your stick figures.  Be a part of this art.

Wishbone Cathedral

This lovelyness is the Wishbone Cathedral.  This installation by Berenice is called “Cathedral de St Icarus the Wishful” and it is made of over 60,000 chicken wishbones.  That’s a lot of chickens.  So so amazing.  Listen to Berenice talk about her art on YouTube.  Berenice plays with bones, eggs and language.  I even sent her some bones from Papua New Guinea.  It’s fun to have a friend who will appreciate an assortment of jaws, snake vertebrae, bat bones and a cassowary femur.


And this is Steve, our fearless team leader.  He plays his art in musical form.  My favorite Steve stories have to do with jam sessions in crazy places like Fiji.  Music is language and also transcends language.

Tea bags

Another Shannon piece.  Tea bags, emptied out, dried and sewn together.  Each stained and imperfect, yet in community, connected to one another.  A beautiful honeycomb.  Talk to Shannon and you will never look at tea the same again.