The Great GO Expo

photoYesterday was Pentecost Sunday and what better way to celebrate the beginning of the church than to see what God is doing all over the world in the global church.  Christ Presbyterian in Santa Barbara supports and has relationships with ministries all over the world so they transformed the sanctuary and set up a world tour.  Ryan and I participated in the Asia/Pacific region with a booth for both Papua New Guinea and Australia.

IMG_0335The countries represented not only had displays with information about the ministry but they also provided food from the region.  There was Egyptian baklava, Chilean empanadas, Australian vegemite, German beer, Costa Rican coffee and much much more.

IMG_0339It was really fun for me to see some of the places I’ve worked and visited also represented.  Kazakhstan has such a sweet place in my heart.  Can you find my picture on the board?  That’s from when I visited in college.  They still do English camps with students every summer.  This is a great, practical way to show the love of Christ.  Want to visit Kazakhstan?  Ask me for more information and maybe you can go next summer.

IMG_0332There was also a photo gallery and one of my pictures from Berlin made it onto the wall.  This is street art in Kreuzberg near a former checkpoint between East and West Berlin.  I snapped the picture while on a walk one day just because I thought it was interesting.  Notice the rolex watches chained together?  It’s quite the statement.

IMG_0337Thanks to everyone who put time and energy into this great event.  It’s wonderful to be able to bring a little bit of the global church in to remind the local church that we are part of a greater community.