Believer’s Creed

Gracious Redeemer

There is no denying your beauty

You reign supreme and sovereign

You are Father, Son and Holy Spirit

Give glory to the creator God

In your love you sent your Son

You accepted humiliation

You endured the cross

You conquered death

Give glory to the living God

You ordained my existence

Yet it is my sin that sent you to the cross

I eagerly choose idols over your faithfulness

I seek comfort in the world

I live like you do not exist

Give glory to the God of mercy and grace

You rejoice at my worship however sporadic

And weep at my continual disobedience

I am unfit and ill prepared for your service

Yet You chose me and have a purpose for me

Give glory to the God of mysterious ways

God grant me a deeper knowledge of You

There is no truth without You

There is no good apart from You

A content heart only comes from You

Your love will endure forever

Give glory to the one true God

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