Reasons #60-#62 Why I Love My Husband

There is no shortage of reasons why I love my husband.  Even on the difficult days, I still find that there are many reasons to celebrate our marriage and how God is working in us together.

#60- His ability to focus on the moment.  Although frustrating at certain times, I wouldn’t change my husband’s ability to be in the moment, enjoy what is currently happening and not be weighed down by all the other stuff that can easily crowd out in-the-moment joy.  This is one of the things I truly wish I could glean from Ryan, even just a little.

#61-He’s a cat whisperer.  No, not every cat likes him but he has an uncanny ability to connect with cats and other animals too.  He’s amazed a couple people who thought they had cats who don’t like anyone but by the end of our visit, Ryan had them purring.  RyanCatWhisperer#62- He doesn’t yell.  I really don’t know what it sounds like for my husband to raise his voice.  I’m very expressive when frustrated or angry, however, Ryan chooses his words carefully and rarely even raises his voice.  Sometimes I wish he would just yell and let it out but we both know that yelling is probably not the solution.  I love Ryan for his gentle, not yelling ways.

As much as I do love singing Ryan’s praises, this list is as much for me as it is for anyone else.  Marriage isn’t easy and I need these constant reminders that God brought us together for a reason and that there are indeed, many reasons why I love my husband.

Reasons #44-#46 Why I Love My Husband

#44- He is sentimental. This can be difficult too but in general, I love that he holds onto memories from friendships and moments in his life that are important to him.

FP_RJR Wedding-2

#45- He gets along with my brother. This is a wonderful thing. I love hanging out with them together because I feel tiny:-)

#46- He is my home. From our wedding we started saying, “Home is wherever I’m with you.” After a long day or time away from each other, he hugs me, holds me and welcomes me home.

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Reasons #41-#43 Why I Love My Husband

#41- Ryan gets along with almost everyone.  I want to say that Ryan gets along with everyone but I think that’s too broad of a claim but seriously, this guy gets along with (almost) everyone.  I love seeing him interact with people and admire his ability to make friends wherever he goes.


#42- He knows my love languages.  We are still learning how to love each other well.  Neither of us are big gift givers or receivers but I do enjoy flowers on the random occasion.  This picture is from my birthday bouquet.  The orchids are still going strong.  But even better than the flowers are his words of affirmation and sweet acts of service.  I’m so loved and card for by this man.

#43- People remember him.  Although my husband is way more than his height.  It is handy to have something that sticks easily in people’s minds.  When we meet new people they usually remember our story or something about Australia but Ryan’s height is something else that’s memorable.

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Reasons #38- #40 Why I Love My Husband

#38- He’s chill and easy going.  I can easily get anxious, overwhelmed and hyper.  But Ryan’s patience and calm demeanor is a sweet oasis for me.


#39- He can take care of our cars.  General maintenance can be expensive, especially if you have to pay a mechanic for the labor.  Ryan may not be a super mechanic who can fix everything but he can easily do basic maintenance, even if my car proves to be a more challenging patient.  This is NOT a requirement for all men but after growing up with a dad who did almost all the maintenance on our cars, I’m very thankful for a husband who isn’t afraid to get a little grease under his finger nails.

#40- Because he loves me.  Maybe it’s just me but sometimes it is much easier to love someone when they already love you and consistently show their love.  I hope Ryan and I never stop trying to out love each other.

A list of 40 things seems quite small compared to the growing love I have for my husband.  But each reason for love is a part of our story and I enjoy being able to share at least some of the reasons he is special with all of you. Click here to look back on some of the previous reasons:  Why I Love My Husband.

Reasons #32-#34 Why I Love My Husband

#32- He will try anything once. The following picture is from our friend’s wedding.  Notice the guys are holding the limbo bar up at their shoulders.  Even though limbo isn’t Ryan’s thing (hmmm, I wonder why!?), he still wanted to participate and give it a shot.  And he had fun!


#33- Our united vision. We’ve been working hard on the MTW application and all the pieces they need from us.  Our schedules have also changed because of church attendance and we’ve been making adjustments that may not be easy or comfortable now but we know that each of these steps get us closer to Australia.  Without our united vision, this wouldn’t be possible.  I’m so thankful to have a husband whose heart for ministry and vision for our future is united with mine.

#34- He kisses me everyday.  This one is self explanatory:-)

One Year Ago…

IMG_20131129_162603-1…a wonderful man presented me with this ring and asked me to be his wife.  I’m so glad that I said yes.  I can’t believe that two years ago I didn’t even know him and now I can’t imagine my life without him.  Thank you Ryan for choosing me to be your bride, for loving me and for sharing this amazing life!

Reasons #5-#7 Why I Love My Husband

Continued from the first post Reasons #1-#4 Why I Love My Husband.

#5- He eats the heels of the bread.  Happily.


#6- His favorite cup.  When he asks for Darth Vader water I know what he means.


#7- His hugs.  I’m willing to share these too.  If you’ve never had a Ryan hug, you should give it a try.  My mom said he gives some of the best hugs she’s ever had.

Reception Information

We’ve been getting a lot of questions about times and locations for our receptions so I have posted the latest updates to the Reception information page HERE.  You can check that page for updates or more details as the times get closer- especially if you’re planning on joining us in Wisconsin.  But if you don’t want to click over on that page, the information is listed below.  And here is a picture of us just because.


Southern California:

April 5th 2014 in Camarillo

Open House Reception with light refreshments and lots of fun.  Come and celebrate with us for a couple hours or just stop in to say hi and dance a little.

Time: 1pm-4pm with Toasts and a time to say Thank You at 2:30.

Location: Calvary Nexus Church (Lewis Campus) 300 S Lewis Rd, Camarillo, CA

This is the church where Ryan works and where we will be attending.

Northern California:

May 10th 2014 in Sacramento

Open House Reception with light refreshments and lots of fun.  Come and celebrate with us for a couple hours or just stop in to say hi and enjoy the river.

Time: 1pm-4pm with Toasts and a time to say Thank You at 2:30.

Location: My parent’s house on Garden Hwy.  Contact me for directions if you don’t know where they live.

This is mother’s day weekend and a year ago my dad celebrated his retirement on mother’s day weekend.  This was the first time I brought Ryan home to meet the family.  I wonder what is going to happen mother’s day 2015 :-)


August 2nd in Pardeeville

Time to be announced closer to the event.

Ryan and I will be having our third reception at his parent’s home in Pardeeville.  Christmas gave me the chance to experience Wisconsin in the winter and the reception will give me the chance to experience Wisconsin during the summer.  Pardeeville is foundational in Ryan’s life and it is fitting that we would be able to celebrate our marriage at his childhood home.