Living in Grace and Finding Joy

This weeks training is called Living in Grace.  I love this title and it’s very fitting for my life.  Because, surprise!  I’m not so great at actually living in grace.  Talking about grace, no problem.  Understanding grace intellectually, not such a problem.  Spouting grace-ish filled pithy statements, easy.  But truly understanding grace deep within me and then living in that grace, seemingly impossible.  So this week I hope and pray to continue working towards truly living in grace.  A grace that will continue with me wherever we go.Screen Shot 2016-06-01 at 7.05.40 PM.pngThis post was scheduled before we left for Living in Grace so please forgive the silence for the rest of the week while we focus on our training and marriage.  But please also take this time to note the new home of my blog:  There is currently a first post up and that’s where I will continue blogging once we finish our time in North Carolina.  If you would like to receive or keep receiving this blog via email, please take the time to check out Finding Joy in Transition and click the “Sign me up!” button on the left hand side.

I don’t want you to miss any of the exciting news and I look forward to continue sharing with you from our new online home!  🙂



Let’s Do The Numbers- Update on Website and Support

Here is our update with our latest numbers and we are happy to report that we are within reach of surpassing our April goal!  Thank you to everyone who has become a part of our ministry in this way.  Another one of my April goals was to update our website.  You can check it out here:  Updated BlogThank you to everyone who has been advocating for us, your words and invitations make an impact on our ministry.  This month we have become particularly aware of this as we see our support team continue to grow and how God is gathering people who we have known for a long time as well as those who have more recently connected with us.  What is advocating?  Advocating is as easy as talking about Australia and encouraging others to get involved and learn about our ministry (Why Australia?).

Last support update we reported that we were at 57.3% of our goal but now we are at 59.2%!  This means that another $83 a month in pledges will help us reach our April goal of 60%.  Just one individual or couple giving $100 a month could help us surpass this goal.  Or just 4 individuals or couples giving $25 a month.  It’s easy to give by contacting MTW (Mission to the World) or using their online giving site:  This will help keep us on track to be at 75% by the end of June when we head to Europe for training.

Please keep praying for our support and God’s timing.  Thursday we begin our cross country road trip for support and training.  It will be a wonderful, exhausting trip but we keep focusing on God’s presence and all we have to be thankful for.  We appreciate your prayers and financial gifts that will keep us serving.  Thank you for helping us get to Australia!

The Road to Australia- April Update

On Friday I sent out our latest newsletter.  If you want to get the news first to your inbox, just email me at and I’ll add you to the newsletter list.  But you can also download it now from our website ( or just click on the picture which will take you directly there.  The newsletters being made available on our website is just one of the April website updates.  Stay tuned for more, hopefully helpful and informative, changes this month.
UntitledSince we’ve sent out the newsletter, we’ve received $100 in monthly pledges so we now just need $331 in monthly pledges to reach our April goal.  We would love to surpass our goal this month!  If you’re considering partnering with us, please feel free to contact us with any questions you might have.  Even if you’re far away, we’d be happy to Skype with you and share with you more details about how God is working through this process.

April Goals and Prayers

Sunrise Hike2The last day of March is inspiring me to look forward and set some April goals.  April is our last month in California before our cross-country road trip, training and traveling May through July support raising extravaganza.  It’s going to be an intense time of work, travel and training but Ryan and I are both excited about all the possibilities.  So here are 3 of the goals we have as we look ahead to our April in California:

  1. 60% support by the end of April:  $580 will get us to this goal.  This is about 6 individuals or couples giving $100 a month or 29 individuals or couples giving $20 a month.  It’s been so exciting for us to see how our support team is growing.  Please prayerfully consider how you can be a part of our ministry in this way.
  2. An April Newsletter: Typically we will be sending out newsletters quarterly but so much is going on right now that we want to keep people (who might not be blog readers:-) in the loop.  Look for a newsletter in your inbox early next month!
  3. Update Our Website: Ryan and I worked hard to get our website ( up and running but have recently left it kind of on the back burner.  We’d love to have our newsletters switched over from the blog to the website and add some other features and links to help continue to share our vision.  I’ll be sure to post a link when we do make those updates

Sunrise HikePlease keep us in prayer this month.  We feel the impact that prayers make and we love that we are building our ministry on a foundation of prayer.

  1. Pray for our marriage: Ryan and I live together, work together, eat together, play together, etc.  While this is amazing in so many ways, it also has it’s own challenges.
  2. Pray for our travel plans: Coordinating is a big part of our job.  Pray that we would connect with the right people while we are traveling and for safe travels along the way.
  3. Pray for discernment:  We have some big work related decisions to make and we need abundant wisdom.  Pray that God would continue to direct us under our team leadership and give us peace while taking the steps of faith that He wants us to take.
  4. Pray for our ministry: Our ministry has already begun.  We praise God for the opportunities we have had to encourage, support and pray for others along the way.  Pray that we would continue to glorify God while in this time of transition.

Thank you for loving us through prayer!


My Love-Hate Relationship with Google Calendar

First of all please excuse the random technology posts recently.  But whether good or bad, I heavily rely on my phone as well as my computer for work and I am becoming increasingly reliant on Google Calendar.  While not perfect, we’re using Google Calendar because it’s what my husband uses and it is rather convenient to both have access to a mutual space that we can each edit and view.  Planning road trips and scheduling meetings is a lot easier when we’re both on the same page.IMG_20160315_144958-2This month I’ve gone pretty much paper calendar cold turkey.  Rather than try and do both, I’m giving Google Calendar a chance.  However, I miss the feel and ease (in some ways) of my paper calendar.  I really just like paper and the way my muscle memory somehow remembers dates and names I write down better than dates and names I type in.  And in some way the messiness of a paper, handwritten calendar (at least my typical calendar) better reflects the messiness of life.  And it’s also easier for me to look at, refer to and instead of clicking multiple times to make a change, I do it with the swipe of a pen.

Our current Google Calendar looks orderly and precise even though it’s full to bursting this week.  Each new addition files in neat and orderly by time of the event, not scribbled over in the order of making the appointment.  Things can be moved with a deletion or change of date or time but now I can’t see what was swapped out or who gave up what time to make room for someone else’s schedule.

I’m sure over time I will find more and more benefits to Google Calendar but I’m reluctant to give up my paper schedule.  Maybe one day when Ryan and I are settled in one place, I will have the luxury of a paper calendar on my desk or a white board calendar for the family to see and use but for now I’m doing my best to embrace the benefits of this technology that can easily fit in my purse or pocket.

Do you use Google Calendar?  What are some features you most appreciate?  Any tips or tricks that have improved your Google Calendar experience?  If you use something else, why would we switch?  I’d love some positive feedback:-)

A New (to me) Phone

I will admit that having a smart phone is a blessing in so many ways.  It’s a great way to keep in touch with people because I have my Facebook, email and phone all in one place.  With maps and GPS it is a lot more difficult to get completely lost.  Ryan and I keep schedules, do mobil banking, write lists and so much more.  IMG_20160311_151723However, technology keeps moving forward and one of my least favorite tasks is getting a new phone.  I don’t like relearning how things work and re-setting up all the apps and such that I use on a regular and not-so-regular basis.  That is why I’ve waited for so long for this latest upgrade (despite having the new phone at least 6 months since it is Ryan’s old one from his last upgrade).  However, when the majority of my main apps stopped working because they are “no longer compatible with this device”, I had to take the plunge.IMG_20160311_142452Ryan is now helping me set up my One Plus One.  The One Plus phones are a great and relatively inexpensive alternative to the current phone market.  I’m not promoting these phones for profit, Ryan and I have simply found that this was a good choice for us.  Although larger than my preference, this phone will hopefully work well for a long time.  It is not tied to a specific network and will be able to adapt to Australia too.  So with that said, here’s to new phones and new technology!



Tomorrow is the big day.  Ryan flies to Australia on his first solo international trip.  He’s almost done packing and we just decided on his hashtag (#ryantravelssolo) that will be used in order to document his travels.  He doesn’t have his own instagram…yet but you can follow him posting to my instagram: joycandee.  He’s going to try and post once a day as he travels to Perth, Brookton and beyond.20160111_160534Here’s Ryan getting his potassium intake up before the flight.  Notice the flannel shirt and zipper fleece?  He’ll be trading those in for shorts and a t-shirt because it’s currently summer in Australia.  Perth and Brookton are forecasting highs in the 80s and 90s.  And my weather loving husband is of course hoping for thunderstorms which out there is an actual possibility.

Please pray for safe travels for Ryan.  Please pray that the trip is productive.  And please pray for our marriage, this trip is a great opportunity but it’s also difficult to be apart.  Thank you for all your prayers!

A New Way to Follow Us-

This blog has been a great tool over the years and I am going to continue blogging for the foreseeable future.  However, Ryan and I are now sharing this life and we want you to hear from both of us.  This blog is mainly my voice, my stories and my perspective.  But Ryan has his own gifting, talents and way of communicating.

Screen Shot 2015-11-30 at 8.54.03 PM.png

Introducing…Perth, Bookton and Beyond.  This is our new website which is still a work in progress but the goal is to more easily share pictures, Ryan’s videos and other information that isn’t as conducive to the blog format.

Please add to your bookmarks and have a look around.  More videos and pictures are in the pipeline and we’ll keep you posted if any major changes take place.  We hope you enjoy having another way to share in our journey.

Back to the Future

Today is the day when Marty McFly went to the future.  In anticipation of this momentous occasion, Ryan and I watched all 3 of the Back to the Future movies last month.  It was fun to watch these movies with my husband.


We enjoyed thinking about Marty’s future when fax machines still reigned and “Skype” was a new novelty.  Nope, we don’t all ride on hover boards or have clothes that automatically fit us with the push of a button or shoes that lace themselves but I’m sure the writers had fun dreaming of all the details.  I’m pretty impressed with all the things they did get right.


Ryan and I also enjoy parking at a spot in Port Hueneme that is near the rail road tracks where they filmed some of the scenes from the 3rd movie.  We get to take a walk or head to the beach and remember Marty McFly.

The future is here.