Ministry Giving Information

Thank you for your generous giving!

Thank you to everyone who has given, is giving or will give in the future.  We appreciate your support.

Why do we need financial support? Explaining Financial Choices.  This will take you to our website with more information.

How do you give? Our account number is 11299 if you are mailing a check but if you give online then you just need our name.

  1. Online:
  2. Mail a check (with 11299 in the memo):
    Mission to the World
    P.O. Box 744165

    Atlanta, GA 30374-4165

Thank you for giving and becoming a part of what God is doing!

One thought on “Ministry Giving Information

  1. Beautiful invitation. Loved the story of your meeting and journey to your present place. I really enjoyed meeting you both at our church, Covenant Presbyterian Church in Bakersfield. Your enthusiasm for your ministry really came through, even though you were still recovering from mono. I missed 3 months of high school with mono myself and my pastor brother Randy had it a couple of years ago. It really can knock you down. So take care and best wishes and prayers coming your way during this time. Janet Martin

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