And so it begins…

Today begins our first round of travels.  While we have left Camarillo, we are not headed to Australia just yet.  Lord willing, we will be in Australia sometime this fall.  But first things first, Sacramento and the Pacific Northwest.  If you’re in those places and we haven’t already made plans to visit with you, let us know where you are and we’d love to try to spend some time with you!20160208_085716It’s difficult to say good-bye to Ryan and my first home together.  After reluctantly moving to Camarillo, I’m now terribly sad to be leaving this amazing group of friends.  However, this is not good-bye forever and I’m excited to be able to travel with my husband and spend time with other amazing people who we haven’t had the privilege of living close to these last 2 years.

Thank you for your prayers for safety on the road, divine appointments and for the next 20% of our support to be raised by mid-March.  We’re so thankful to have our many friends and communities continuing with us though prayers!

Helping Hands

20160206_183104These are the hands that helped carry the boxes.  These are the hands that helped pack the car and clean the house.  These are the hands that helped paint the walls, sort the clothes and sweep the floors.  These are the hands that helped organize the bags, wash the windows, wrap the breakables and move the furniture.  These are the hands that helped us move.  Thanks to these hands (and many others who helped along the way in all their different ways) we will be able to move out on Monday.  We are so thankful for the many helping hands.

Tall Husband Perk #7

IMG_20160202_145950No ladder needed. We were putting things into storage on Tuesday and I climbed up into the space because Ryan could easily hand the boxes up to me.  He did use the ladder to help boost himself with some of the heavier items but his long arms and height definitely made the lifting easier.

Note: We are storing the things that eventually will be shipped to Australia.  We’ve gotten rid of all big items and will be traveling around the US for the next few months with only what fits in our car.

February News- Road to Australia

It’s that time again.  It’s been a few months since we’ve written a newsletter and now that we’re making progress hopefully they will be more frequent than every 5 or 6 months.  I think quarterly is our goal but we’ll see what happens as we keep moving towards Australia.  This newsletter was sent out yesterday, if you would like to receive the news first to your inbox, email us and let us know.  Also if you think you should have gotten it via email but didn’t, let me know so I can check to make sure I have your correct email.

In order to read our latest newsletter here, you can click on the picture, this link HERE or our newsletter tab (which will be hopefully moving to our website in the next couple of weeks).Road to AustraliaBeing a blog reader, you get more regular updates but the newsletters hopefully provide a good summary and this one has more about Ryan’s time in Perth and Brookton.  Thank you for taking the time to read our latest news as well as pray about how you can be a part of the work that is happening in Australia.


Not My Plan

IMG_20160131_192836Here’s my current get well kit.  I’ve ran out of tissues or at least I can’t find our extra boxes in the packing mess so I’ve upgraded to toilet paper.  Please pray that this cold doesn’t linger and that Ryan can stay healthy.  Oh and I’d also really appreciate having my voice back.  This week is filled with planning, sorting, decisions, moving, goodbyes and so much more.  I’d love to be healthy for it.  Thank you for your prayers!


Saturday Morning Garage Sales

20160109_074046Some people spend Saturday mornings lounging around the house in their pjs and slippers.  This Saturday, Ryan and I took the lounging outside and made it productive.  Although, I was happy that I could still wear my slippers:-)  20160109_073537And now after a successful garage sale, we have reduced our sell pile to one closet plus a few misc. items, larger furniture and the kitchen things we are still using.

Ryan and I also found out today that a garage sale is a great way to meet the neighbors and we had lots of friends stop by so we got to visit with people and get rid of things at the same time.  Just one more step on our road to Australia.  We also picked up some new prayer supporters as well so that’s a fun, unexpected bonus!

Back in California and Back to Work

Ryan and I have been back in California for a couple of days and have hit the ground running.  We have less than 10 days before Ryan leaves for Australia and lots to keep us busy.church_sunsetToday we spoke at Good Shepherd Church in Camarillo.  This is a church that certainly holds a special place in our hearts.  Their pastor officiated our wedding and we have many friends in the congregation.  It was wonderful to share our vision with them and to gather more people who can pray for us and be a part of our work in Australia.

Please pray for us as we continue the sorting process, continue raising support as well as prepare for Ryan to be gone for two and a half weeks.  Thank you for supporting us through prayer!