Sleeping under our Reception Quilt!

Well, it only took a year and a half but the quilt is done.  From an idea that my brother, my then fiancé and I came up with.  To choosing and buying fabric, cutting fabric and getting the quilt squares signed at each reception.  Then figuring out the order, size and pattern for the quilt.  Next was a long pause before finally buying the sashing, cutting the sashing and starting to piece together the sashing.

20151203_085749Quilting can be a long process but it’s so worth it:-)

And the last few stages just flew by.  Thank you Mom for coming down and making our quilt go from pieces and memories to a whole quilt that will be cherished for a long time.

It’s beautifully quilted with special words tucked into the sashing and it’s a very light quilt so we’ll be able to use it even in the Australian heat.  But since it’s colder here, we’ve been using it with other blankets underneath.  Nevertheless it is fun to keep rediscovering the decorated squares from our wonderful family and friends.  Thank you everyone who contributed to this sweet memory.  Finally, our wedding reception guestbook quilt is complete!

My Mother: Quilting and a Visit

I love my mother.  We’ve learned how to love each other from far away over these years of travel and living apart.  We don’t have a lot of time together so I look forward to the time we do get.  Today, she is coming for a week to visit.  But this is a visit with a purpose.  My mom has skills and expertise that I am excited to tap into when I get the chance.  This time we’re thankful for her sewing skills and quilting expertise.


Remember our wedding guestbook quilt?  Well, Ryan and I have slowly been working on the building blocks for the quilt top.  And the key word here is slowly.  I borrowed a sewing machine but at this rate, it’s going to be finished by our 3rd anniversary (yes, by 2017).  Since we really don’t want to just take quilt pieces to Australia, my mother generously offered her time and expertise.

I’m looking forward to sewing time, talking time and hang out time with a purpose.  It will be good quality time with my mother and hopefully we’ll see quick progress of our quilt top too.