Digital Nature Photography- Book Review

I love nature and there are some really beautiful places all over the world.  Pictures are one of the ways we can remember these beautiful places and take them with us when we’re someplace else.  Pictures can also transport us to places we’ve never been and show us things we otherwise would never see.  While in Australia Ryan and I took a lot of pictures but we also just tried to absorb where we were in the moment.  Once we get back to Australia, we (mostly Ryan:-) are looking forward to taking more pictures and sharing them with family, friends and supporters.


With Australia in mind I pick up this book called John Shaw’s Guide to Digital Nature Photography.  John Shaw put his experience with nature photography into words but he didn’t forget to include pictures.  This book includes lots of beautiful images that are all labeled where and how (lens, shutter speed, etc) they were taken.  The chapters are practical, easy to read and run the gamut from getting started to types of gear to image composition.  Just looking through the book is interesting and I look forward to seeing how Ryan puts the information to good use in the future.

I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review.