San Marcos Christian Camp Workday


There’s a special camp up the 154 above Santa Barbara called San Marcos Christian Camp.  This area is just about 20 minutes from downtown and the ocean but it’s a different climate, different scenery and has a totally different feel.  It’s beautiful, rustic and relaxing.

IMG_20140308_075324We spent the night sleeping in new tents that were waiting for their bunk beds to be completed.  We fell asleep to the sound of nature and the splashing river.  And in the morning woke up to the sun and the sound of a generator running a miter saw.  It was a workday of course!

IMG_20140308_075541After breakfast at Cold Springs Tavern (just up the road!) we got to work staining, cutting, lifting, building, measuring and assembling the bunk beds.  The work was satisfying.  Nothing like instant gratification when you see the work of your own hands.  And a great group of people made the workday fly by.

IMG_20140308_120818If you’re looking for a place to have a retreat in the area, definitely check out San Marcos Christian Camp.  They also offer camp programing and other events.  And now this new area will be open with more space to accommodate more people.  And the bunk beds are pretty great if I do say so myself:-)