Lawnmowers, Scanners and A New Baby…Update from Walagu

Beverly (my Texan co-worker still in PNG), is now back in Ukarumpa and has sent me some great pictures with exciting village news.  It’s nice to have email contact with her after everything was fried in the lightning strike a few weeks ago.

Meet the newest Onobasulu child.  She is the daughter of Joseph (one of the translators) and his wife Sisi.  In September of 2010, they lost their little girl Asena.  This was a very hard time for all of us.  But now they have a new little sweetheart and her name is…Asena.  Naming children after a previous deceased child is common accepted practice for the Onobasulu.  Remember little Kibili?  She was also given the same name as her older sister who had died a couple years earlier.  Look at these proud parents.  I pray that little Asena grows up strong and happy, knowing that she is loved by her family and the Onobasulu community.

Beverly wasn’t just welcoming babies, she also had the auspicious task of teaching Hauwo and Jeffery how to use their new scanner.  I realized that a computer and a printer are only as good as the information you can send to them.  If the Onobasulu were ever going to create their own books, they would need a way to get the pictures into the computer.  But like anything else with technology scanning is a skill that should be learned and then continually practiced.

It is always encouraging to see the guys working together because two heads are better then one.  Hopefully they can help each other to remember all the steps.  I am excited to see how they use the scanner and a bit anxious to see if they could really take a book from just an idea all the way through the process.  This would mean writing a story, editing a story, typing the story, editing it again, drawing the pictures, scanning the pictures, using the book template to insert the pictures, story and title page and cover information, checking their work, pdfing their work, printing the book, assembling the book.  And all the little steps and details in between.  I never said it was going to be easy but they have all the tools to make it happen.

Assembling books isn’t the only job that requires multiple people.  Remember the push lawn mowers?  Well the little one now has 5 bigger siblings.  I already announced that the mowers had arrived in Walagu but here are the pictures of them being put together.  I am thankful for the financial gifts that made buying and shipping these mowers possible.  This is a trial run to see if these mowers will last better then gas powered large mower that always seems to have a problem.  Although the reel mowers don’t have as much power, the lower tech side will make them easier to care for and easier to use.  Hopefully next time we will get pictures of them in action on the airstrip as well as around the village.  And another positive- no petrol use!

Thanks Beverly for these great pictures.  For more information on how the Walagu lodge power situation got sorted out, go to Beverly’s blog and read about the hiking electrician.



Excited about Reel Mowers

I am reposting these pictures because the 5 (yes five!) reel lawnmowers I ordered before leaving PNG have finally arrived. I received an email saying that the mowers are now in Ukarumpa.  Now they just have to go through the right hoops in order to get them out to Walagu.  I am super excited that these mowers are one step closer to being in a place where they can be used to help keep the grass short around the village and on the airstrip.  They require no fuel, very little maintenance and as seen in these pictures almost anyone can use them.  The one small mower proved a hit last year so here’s hoping that the other mowers get used and taken care of with the same excitement.