Another Job Update and Back to Curriculum

It has been a few years since I’ve gotten to dig my fingers into curriculum development and I’m excited that it is now a part of my new job.  When I wrote my last job update I had simply applied at a couple schools as well as a temp agency to see if I could get any subbing hours.  A few days later I got an email from a woman who had my resume from an earlier reply (back in January!) to her job posting.

We had a great first meeting and this is now my third week teaching for her.  The company offers online ESL classes that connect Chinese leaners to American English teachers.  Since it is a relatively new business she is hiring teachers and starting them with students one on one while she develops the curriculum for larger online classes.  5 days a week, I am working with a student who is preparing to come to the US.  We have an interactive online classroom complete with audio and video chat.  And I also get the joy of  helping her work on the curriculum.  The teaching time is fixed but the curriculum time is flexible so it works around the other things already going on.

But the best part really is that I get to work on curriculum again and use the skills and training I started developing back in Papua New Guinea.  I’m already starting to feel the activity ideas and organizational structures coming back.  It feels good to be back working in an area that I love.

The Job Update

It’s the end of April and I think I’ve finally turned a corner with work.  I still don’t have anything permanent but I now have signed up at a temp agency and have the paperwork is in to sub at an ESL adult school and the charter school across the street.  Please keep praying that these turn into regular, reliable work.

This time of uncertainty has been difficult but it’s been amazing how God has provided.  Going from full-time ministry to marriage and part-time non-ministry work has been a huge transition.  I’m excited to see how God will keep working!  Stay tuned.

The Job Search

As lovely as it is to wake up in the morning, make the bed, clean the kitchen, organize some more closets and prepare meals for my dear husband, I need a job outside of the home.  Financially it would help us out but I truly think it would be good for our relationship too.  By the end of the day my people meter is running really low and poor Ryan shouldn’t be expected to fill it himself after he has been at work all day.  I’ve had some great online opportunities which might fulfill the financial need but they wouldn’t fill the people gap.  And so my hunt continues.

Thankfully I already have a lot of help and different contacts.  But if you know of something in the area, I can always use another referral or suggestion!  I just applied to a job this morning that was referred to me by a friend.  And my resume and interview skills were polished up a bit thanks to another friend.  I also met a woman who has a similar literacy background at the local library so I will be following up on some of her suggestions which includes taking the CBEST so that I can start substitute teaching.  Of course others had told me to take the CBEST before but it got pushed off the priority list because of the wedding but now I have the time and will make it happen.

IMG_0196In the meantime I will be continuing to apply for other jobs and following up on various leads.  And I also signed up to be a one on one literacy tutor at the library so I can start getting back into active literacy work and getting to know a different side of my new community.

Please pray as I settle into life in Camarillo.  Please pray as I start getting to know my new community.  Please pray as Ryan and I continue to get to know each other as husband and wife.  Please pray for peace and the ability to let go of my anxiousness during this time of transition.  And of course, please pray that I would find a job.

The Job Search

So besides wedding planning, reception planning, helping Ryan settle into our new place, getting myself organized to move out of my current place and all the things that happen during daily life, I have been searching and applying for jobs. As of January 1st, I have been on a leave of absence from MTW while Ryan and I get married and figure out how to move forward in this journey together.  MTW (thanks to all my gracious supporters) has worked it out so that I have some compensation during a transitional time.  This is great because I have a bit of space to still spend time communicating with supporters while I prepare to get married and deal with all the changes.  However, the time of transition doesn’t last forever and as of March 3rd I would really like to be working.

I’ve applied to a few jobs already and my goal is to apply to a job a day leading up to the wedding and if I still haven’t found something I will definitely step it up after all the hoopla dies down.  As of this point I have a good potential work at home option but I would love to find something face to face with people.  Another hurdle is flexibility because Ryan and I do have a lot of travel scheduled already in the next year.  Between our wedding receptions all year and trip to Australia planned for June, that’s a lot of time off to be asking for when starting new somewhere.  But I definitely need something to keep me occupied (hopefully something I will enjoy) since we are planning on being in Camarillo at least a year at this point.  Please join me in praying for the right kind of job that would be a good fit for my new life as Ryan’s wife.