Well it’s root root root for the…

IMG_20140816_173420Brewers!  Last night we made our way down to Dodger Stadium to celebrate a friend’s birthday.  Ryan grew up with these guys from Pardeeville and now they both live in the LA area.  Dodger Stadium had a good crowd out to see the game but the Brewers were definitely representing.  A group from Wisconsin sat behind us and one of the girls was from Portage, the next town over.

IMG_20140816_185444It was a good night in baseball.  The Giants beat the Phillies.  Go Giants!  And the Dodgers lost to the Brewers.  I am 2 for 2 now.  The Brewers have won every game I’ve seen at Dodger Stadium.  Here is my post from the last Dodger/Brewer game I attended.  Ryan and I were only a few months into dating at the time and he wasn’t even mentioned in the post:-)  It will be exciting to see what the next game holds!

IMG_20140816_204123I’m happy to be a Brewers fan with my husband as long as they aren’t playing the Giants.  After all my husband was born a Brewer and I do like beer so it works for both of us.  Go Brewers!

One night at Dodger Stadium is all it took…


…to make me a Brewers fan.  Ok before we get any further, I am first and foremost a Giants fan.  Being from Northern California with family living in San Francisco pretty much assures that my childhood allegiances are set.  Go Giants!

Now with that said, being in Dodger Stadium means that it is very easy to not root for the home team.  So when a group of friends headed out to the Dodger vs. Brewer game on Saturday night, I took the opportunity to root for the visiting team.  And with a Milwaukee hat on head, I cheered when the stadium groaned and shook my head during the jubilant Dodger celebrations.  It was actually very fun.  I got high-fives from strangers who were also rooting for Milwaukee.  And of course dirty looks from a couple hard core Dodger fans but it was worth it.  At the end of the night it was 6-4, Brewers.  I can proudly say that I have never watched a Brewers game that they have lost.


Rivercats Baseball

I’ve been going to a lot of baseball games lately.  At least I would consider three in one month a lot.  However, I can’t complain and I am learning to actually enjoy america’s pastime.  But I include this culinary caution.  I have tried a real Chicago hotdog and I enjoyed it, so therefore I can say with confidence the Chicago style hotdog sold in Sacramento only has faint echos of its Chicago counterpart.  The neon relish, soggy bun and floppy pickle were just some of the disappointments.  My stomach was full but my tongue was less than impressed.  Lucky for me the game, the atmosphere and the company more than made up for it.  Go Rivercats!


Baseball in Chicago

The Chicago skyline is quite beautiful.  But what really has me charmed are the lovely neighborhoods.  Walking through the streets just has an amazing feel.  People sitting on their porches, enjoying a humid, lazy summer.  Shop fronts boasting small local businesses.  A wonderful multi-lingual, multi-ethnic urban feel.  And sitting outside at a sidewalk cafe enjoying an Italian Ice can almost make me forget about the heat.

Last night I got to know a different side of Chicago.  We took public transit out to the White Sox Stadium and enjoyed a great evening complete with tailgating and friends.  It’s easy to see how Baseball has become an american pastime.  30,000 people all cheering together, doing the wave, enjoying beer and a bratwurst.  With the final score 4, 11 White Sox, we celebrated the victory with a cab ride home.  City living is quite the novelty for me.  I’m thinking I could get use to this.