Are you in Australia yet?

Are you back from Australia already?  How is Australia?  What’s it like living down under? Back so soon!?  These are all questions we receive on a somewhat regular basis.  It’s especially prevalent in areas where we have spent a lot of time but now are mostly gone.  If we didn’t leave for Australia, than where did we go?IMG_0821Coming back to Camarillo is a little strange for me and almost surreal.  We lived here for the first two years of our marriage, and Ryan had lived here for a few years even before that.  We use to have a home, jobs, friends, church and community.  It was all here.  But since early February, we’ve been on the road working towards the goal of serving in Australia.  We even had a good-bye party in Camarillo because we wouldn’t be living here any longer and of course we’re not at church every Sunday anymore.  So it’s understandable that some people in are confused about where we are but no, we’re not in Australia…yet.  We’re working towards it!

Our home is currently wherever we are together.  We knew that going into our marriage.  Through prayer, the wisdom of our organization and God’s timing, we are working towards getting to Australia.  This requires more financial support as well as training among other things.  Since you’re a blog reader you know that we’re still here in the US and you’ve hopefully been following our adventures.  Please pray for peace for us in God’s timing.  We may not be in Australia yet but we definitely feel that God has already started our ministry.

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