Reasons #57-#59 Why I Love My Husband

It’s been a couple months since I posted reasons why I love my husband (From January- Reasons #54-#56).  Since February Ryan and I have been spending so much time together on the road and like many things in life, it’s wonderful, terrible, challenging and I wouldn’t have it any other way.  But it still seems like a good time to remind myself why I love this man so much.  IMG_20160316_152739#57- He is a hard worker.  He would much rather be outside enjoying the sunshine and hanging out in the beautiful mountains pictured behind him.  But he knows that this is now his job and this is how he is able to provide for us as a family.  I’m very thankful for my hardworking husband.

#58- His positive attitude.  I say I’m being realistic but it’s often quite negative.  And as much as I am trying to work on my own attitude it’s helpful to have a very positive husband.  Ryan’s amazing optimism is a nice balance for me.  He helps me to remember that rainbows, sunshine, gumdrops, piglets and puppies all make the world a better place.

#59- His confidence in God’s ability.  Just like my lack of positivity, I also tend to limit God’s ability to work in our lives and be in and of himself the impetus for change.  But Ryan is confident in God’s ability to be the omnipresent, gracious and powerful, all-knowing and loving God of the universe.  This is amazingly encouraging for me while we walk through a daunting time of tasks and work that will not be accomplished in our own finite power.

For my single friends: The list I had of what I wanted in a husband didn’t include many of the things that now I am thankful to have in order to promote a healthy marriage.  If you desire to be married, I would encourage you to pray for your future spouse and pray that God would be equipping them with the traits and abilities that you can’t see you need now but that God knows you will need in the future.

For my married friends: What are three things that you love about your spouse?  (You don’t need to make a public declaration, unless you want to, but I’d love to encourage you to think about it.)

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