My Love-Hate Relationship with Google Calendar

First of all please excuse the random technology posts recently.  But whether good or bad, I heavily rely on my phone as well as my computer for work and I am becoming increasingly reliant on Google Calendar.  While not perfect, we’re using Google Calendar because it’s what my husband uses and it is rather convenient to both have access to a mutual space that we can each edit and view.  Planning road trips and scheduling meetings is a lot easier when we’re both on the same page.IMG_20160315_144958-2This month I’ve gone pretty much paper calendar cold turkey.  Rather than try and do both, I’m giving Google Calendar a chance.  However, I miss the feel and ease (in some ways) of my paper calendar.  I really just like paper and the way my muscle memory somehow remembers dates and names I write down better than dates and names I type in.  And in some way the messiness of a paper, handwritten calendar (at least my typical calendar) better reflects the messiness of life.  And it’s also easier for me to look at, refer to and instead of clicking multiple times to make a change, I do it with the swipe of a pen.

Our current Google Calendar looks orderly and precise even though it’s full to bursting this week.  Each new addition files in neat and orderly by time of the event, not scribbled over in the order of making the appointment.  Things can be moved with a deletion or change of date or time but now I can’t see what was swapped out or who gave up what time to make room for someone else’s schedule.

I’m sure over time I will find more and more benefits to Google Calendar but I’m reluctant to give up my paper schedule.  Maybe one day when Ryan and I are settled in one place, I will have the luxury of a paper calendar on my desk or a white board calendar for the family to see and use but for now I’m doing my best to embrace the benefits of this technology that can easily fit in my purse or pocket.

Do you use Google Calendar?  What are some features you most appreciate?  Any tips or tricks that have improved your Google Calendar experience?  If you use something else, why would we switch?  I’d love some positive feedback:-)


2 thoughts on “My Love-Hate Relationship with Google Calendar

  1. I use Google calendar at work since the company uses Google apps for business and email. I also out recurring personal events on it too especially if times fall within normal work hours.

    I also have a paper calendar. AND a whiteboard that I put the current week on. Trust me – with a 13 yr old, 10 yr old, and a 52 yr old….. I use all 3 all the time. 🙂

    One feature of Google calendar is that I can add an event and send out an invite to that event to hubby. It’s one way to get it on his radar. 🙂

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