A New (to me) Phone

I will admit that having a smart phone is a blessing in so many ways.  It’s a great way to keep in touch with people because I have my Facebook, email and phone all in one place.  With maps and GPS it is a lot more difficult to get completely lost.  Ryan and I keep schedules, do mobil banking, write lists and so much more.  IMG_20160311_151723However, technology keeps moving forward and one of my least favorite tasks is getting a new phone.  I don’t like relearning how things work and re-setting up all the apps and such that I use on a regular and not-so-regular basis.  That is why I’ve waited for so long for this latest upgrade (despite having the new phone at least 6 months since it is Ryan’s old one from his last upgrade).  However, when the majority of my main apps stopped working because they are “no longer compatible with this device”, I had to take the plunge.IMG_20160311_142452Ryan is now helping me set up my One Plus One.  The One Plus phones are a great and relatively inexpensive alternative to the current phone market.  I’m not promoting these phones for profit, Ryan and I have simply found that this was a good choice for us.  Although larger than my preference, this phone will hopefully work well for a long time.  It is not tied to a specific network and will be able to adapt to Australia too.  So with that said, here’s to new phones and new technology!


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