A Visit to Yakama Nation

When I was support raising before, I visited a church on the Yakama reservation.  I was not sure what to expect from the visit but after having a meal with the team, getting a tour of the church building they were renovating and helping out with Kid’s Club (one of their local summer outreaches in the neighborhoods), I got a sense of the similarities between their ministry with Native Americans and what I had hoped would be my ministry with Aboriginals in Australia.IMG_20160301_152450~2.jpgFast forward to this week and one of the things we wanted to take advantage of while we were in Washington State was visiting this church again, catching up with the team and looking forward to what could be potential ministry connections for the future.

While we were chatting, this beautiful double rainbow crossed the sky outside the now complete church building.  We also got to attend youth group and see the building in action, about 70 young people from the surrounding community getting fed, playing games and hearing about forgiveness in Christ.

Our desire now is to remain in touch and potentially foster relationships between Native American and Aboriginal youth.  We believe that this could be potentially impactful for both our ministries.  Please pray for Sacred Road Ministries and their work reaching the Yakama people for Christ.

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