Let’s Do the Numbers- Seattle Support Update

After 14 days on the road, Ryan and I will be leaving Seattle tomorrow to start the last leg of our trip.  We have had some amazing times with friends and family along the way.  Thank you everyone who has hosted us and will be hosting us this next week.  This trip hasn’t been easy but we see God at work.P1030061Last support update we reported that we were at 36% of our 50% goal but now we are at 45%!  By mid-March Ryan and I need 50% of our monthly support pledged in order to buy tickets for our required July 2016 training which would keep us on schedule to leave by fall 2016.  If we don’t reach this goal, we will need to wait for the training in January 2017.

So what is still needed?  As of last night we need $550 a month in pledges to reach our mid-March deadline.  Ryan and I are both convinced that we will make this goal because of the way God has been working in the past couple of weeks.  Although the numbers break down to about 6 people giving $100 a month, we recognize that $100 is a lot of money for most people looking at their monthly budget.  Maybe for you a more realistic number is $20 a month and about 28 people at $20 a month can enable Ryan and I to attend the July training.  It’s easy to give by contacting MTW (Mission to the World) or using their online giving site: donations.mtw.org.IMG_20160229_142038~2Please continue to spread the word.  Thank you to everyone who has been advocating for us.  We know it makes a difference.  Advocating is as easy as talking about Australia and encouraging others to find out about our ministry (Why Australia?) and give.

Please keep praying.  Please pray for God to enable churches and individuals to make room in their budgets for us.  Please pray for us to be bold and have wisdom when asking for support.  Please pray that we would above all else honor God and relationships during this process.  And finally please be praying how you can support us.  Thank you for helping us get to Australia!

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