Traveling- Married and Single

This morning Ryan and I took a walk in an area I probably wouldn’t have explored on my own.  It was a lovely beginning to our work day.  And a needed reminder how much I truly love and am thankful for this man.IMG_20160217_091216~2.jpgThe 8-ish hour drive yesterday gave us lots of time to be thankful for each other as well as become frustrated even to the point of anger.  Of course, we don’t like being angry with each other but it happens.

When I was single road trips were lonely.  However, I was able to stop when I needed to stop, eat when and where I wanted to eat, listen to whatever I felt like and when I got lost, the only person I had to blame was myself.

But now almost every decision requires discussion and it’s very obvious that Ryan and I think differently, pack differently, plan differently and give directions differently.  But at least we’re doing it together…right.  Some moments I need a bit of coaxing to believe this.

As a single I idealized marriage in many ways but I’m thankful for many friends who continually gave me a reality check that either choice we make comes with positives as well as negatives.  When I’m not angry and being truly honest with myself, I would not give up my marriage with Ryan for anything.  I am in love with this amazing man who loves me, inspires me and has given us a beautiful vision for life and ministry.  I’m thankful for the many reminders that the partnership and life we have together is worth working through the challenges.

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