Unrestful Rest

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.  I’m terrible at resting.  Our work doesn’t fit into nice 9-5 weekday only time slots, therefore it is often difficult for my very full mind to allow me to rest.  So on days set aside for rest, it is not uncommon that I sabotage myself with thoughts of things undone or things still needing to be done.20160213_145615Today Ryan and I did our best to rest although I confess that there was a bit of self-sabotage mixed in.  However, Ryan is an amazing help when it comes to stepping outside of the never-ending work, taking a break and spending time together.  We enjoyed the beautiful day, toured the Sacramento Capitol, walked around downtown and across the tower bridge (pictured above), explored Old Sac, tested some yummy fudge and ended the day with a lovely dinner with friends.

I’m still learning to truly rest but I’m thankful for a patient husband and for days like today that at least provided a little bit of rest even if I couldn’t get away from myself.

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