Pampering Spa Day and Fundraiser

Yesterday was a beautiful day to get pampered.  I wish I’d taken a picture of all the ladies after we’d been spoiled and styled.  There were lots of great products to try and it was fun to hang out all afternoon, enjoy interesting conversations, snack on yummy food and visit with the ladies (and couple of guys:-) at the salon.FaceThis the me in full make-up but you can’t really tell because I was inside of a machine that uses a blacklight to show what’s underneath your skin.  We had a Dermelogica instructor come, do consultations and use this machine to show us where we have problem areas.  I was happy to hear that my skin is pretty healthy (only my eyes looked a bit dehydrated- so I drank a bunch of water right away:-).  We talked about it and I think my nice skin can be attributed to wearing sunscreen everyday since high school.  I guess I’ll keep it up!20160120_145250In addition to the facials, we enjoyed paraffin hand waxes.  Thanks to this my hands are super smooth and my nails look beautiful too.  There were also hair styles, makeup, eyelash extensions and all sorts of other fun pampering activities.

I’m so thankful for the people who helped make this event possible.  To Deserie who opened her salon and made herself and her products available.  To all the other ladies who spend the day with us, helping with treatments and taking payments to help support our work in Australia.  And to everyone who participated in all the awesome conversations about Australia and all sorts of other topics too.  What a great way to spend the afternoon!

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