Tomorrow is the big day.  Ryan flies to Australia on his first solo international trip.  He’s almost done packing and we just decided on his hashtag (#ryantravelssolo) that will be used in order to document his travels.  He doesn’t have his own instagram…yet but you can follow him posting to my instagram: joycandee.  He’s going to try and post once a day as he travels to Perth, Brookton and beyond.20160111_160534Here’s Ryan getting his potassium intake up before the flight.  Notice the flannel shirt and zipper fleece?  He’ll be trading those in for shorts and a t-shirt because it’s currently summer in Australia.  Perth and Brookton are forecasting highs in the 80s and 90s.  And my weather loving husband is of course hoping for thunderstorms which out there is an actual possibility.

Please pray for safe travels for Ryan.  Please pray that the trip is productive.  And please pray for our marriage, this trip is a great opportunity but it’s also difficult to be apart.  Thank you for all your prayers!

2 thoughts on “#RyanTravelsSolo

  1. Prayers for safe travels for Ryan! Prayers for you Joy while he is gone. Know you two will miss each other, but God will watch over both of you while you two are separated! Hope his trip will bring the two of you closer to your home!

  2. You are both in my prayers for safe travels for Ryan and comfort and peace for Joy with him gone and for a productive fact finding beginning relationship building trip – may God be glorified in all you both do and say♥

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