The End of the World- Part 2

Tonight my husband and I will watch Ghostbusters 2 in anticipation of the latest upcoming end of the world prediction.  I’ve blogged about the end of the world before like in this post from 2011 aptly named: The End of the World.  Since I survived the first prediction, I’m looking forward to surviving this next prediction.20160107_143351Many people have tried to predict the end of the world in the movies as well as reality, going so far as choosing years or even specific dates.  In this scene Peter Venkman (Bill Murray) takes predictions from two psychics.  One predicts New Years Eve and the other predicts…February 14, 2016.20160107_143248In response to this I will quote Peter Venkman, “Valentines Day…Bummer.”  I hope you will enjoy your evening and live through next Valentine’s Day.  🙂

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