Anticipating Ryan’s Travels

This time next week I will be dropping Ryan off at LAX.  He will be traveling to Perth in order to meet with our team, get to know the community more, dream about possibilities for our work in the region as well as observe the Brookton Summer Mission.  This trip is full of possibilities and opportunities.RyantoPerthI’m sorry that I won’t be able to join him but the school semester ends at the end of January so taking off for the last couple of weeks wasn’t even an option.  However, we are excited for Ryan to be able experience a bunch of firsts on his own.  This is his first solo international trip so please be praying for him as he navigates the airports, customs and other tricky travel areas.  He’s already figured out that the bathrooms on airplanes aren’t quite made for his height.

While Ryan is gone, I will continue packing and start planning for our travels after we move out of Camarillo.  As of the end of January, we will be full-time support raising.  This trip was made possible (and Ryan’s ticket paid for) by the church planting committee we will be working with in Australia.  We are thankful that they are putting their financial support behind us.  And we are praying that we will continue to gain supporters who will help get us both to Australia.


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