Holiday Highlights Part 4- Happy New Year

IMG_20151230_204154I always enjoy visiting Chicago.  Not only is it a great city but we get to hang with great people.  Here’s Joel showing off his ice skating moves at the ribbon rink downtown as we walked around taking in the city lights.  It was a chilly yet still enjoyable outing.  Too bad they didn’t have skates that would have fit Ryan otherwise he would have been out there on the ice too!IMG_20151231_195802New Years Eve we ventured out to The Improvised Shakespeare Company‘s New Years Eve Spectacular.  It was full of laughs and good clean fun.  IMG_20151231_223200And last but not least, toasting to the New Year.  Here’s to 2016 and all that it holds.  I know that if Ryan and I laugh a lot, spend more time with people we love and continue living with the hope that sustains us, 2016 will be an amazing year.

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