Reasons #50-#53 Why I Love My Husband- The Pardeeville Edition

IMG_20151223_090748.jpgMy husband is a wonderful man.  He grew up in small town Wisconsin and this has been a big part of what has shaped him into the man he is today.  Pardeeville is only a city in motto.  As the “City of Lakes” it boasts about 2,100 people now but was even smaller when Ryan was young.  Here are a few more reasons why I love my husband, the Pardeeville Edition.

IMG_20151222_173356#50- His unabashed love of pizza.

Pizza is a part of my husband’s DNA.  He loves his pizza and despite his ever expanding tastes, pizza is still his favorite food.  Dominick’s pizza is a Pardeeville standard.  It’s been around since the late 1980s and I’m sure Ryan has eaten more than his weight multiple times over in Dominick’s pizza.  Whenever we’re in town, this is one of the first meals that we eat.IMG_20151223_101103#51- His sense of exploration and adventure.

This is the Fox River and it’s just one of the places where Ryan spent a lot of his growing up years.  The town was small and safe so Ryan roamed through the streets, the cemetery, the woods and around the lakes with his friends, brothers and sometimes alone.  Pardeeville was where he first tried on his sense of adventure and even now he still loves being outdoors and exploring.IMG_20151228_090402#52- His small town love.

Ryan is definitely Pardeeville Proud but it’s not just Pardeeville, he loves the small town life, memories and sense of community.  He’s pretty realistic and doesn’t romanticize it but his love of the small town life is going to come in pretty handy for us in Australia.  He understands what it is like to grow up in and live in a small town.  He loves visiting his parent’s home and he’s looking forward to small town life in Australia.20151228_125242.jpg#53- His love of SNOW!

Although the snow didn’t come until after Christmas, Ryan was super excited when it did start snowing.  This picture is of the accumulation in just the last couple of hours along the same street where Ryan grew up.  The midwest antifreeze has seeped a bit out of Ryan’s veins, however, he still loves the snow and almost everything that goes along with it.  I’m thankful that despite his love of snow, he’s willing to give up more frequent snow trips to live and be where God is calling him even if it might mean going years without the snow.

I really do love Ryan and after a few trips out to Pardeeville, I also understand a bit more of his history and what makes him tick.  All the more reasons why I love my husband.

One thought on “Reasons #50-#53 Why I Love My Husband- The Pardeeville Edition

  1. We so enjoy your e-mails! We also enjoy all of the reasons why you love Ryan! We know in your hearts that God will get you there! Happy News Years to you and both of your families!

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