Tough Transitions, Faith and Hope

At the end of October this year, we decided to step out in faith and put things in motion to be out of our little home by the beginning of February in order to full-time support raise.  We know we want to be in Australia and this choice would, Lord willing, make it happen sooner.  However, the decision was certainly an act of faith because we didn’t (and still don’t) have the financial support we need to live on full-time support and the amount of decisions that needed to be made then seemed like an unscalable mountain.  Now over a month into the process, we’re still confident that we made the right decision but there are many things that are filling up the precious hours in the day.

20151209_083447First of all, our house is a disaster.  Maybe other people have more success but I find it’s impossible to keep things neat and tidy when organizing.  We have piles to sell, piles to keep, piles to store, piles to sort and all kinds of other piles in between the piles.  In this season of Christmas wish lists and holiday giving, Ryan and I are having hard but fruitful discussions about what to keep, what to get rid of and in the midst of it all, what really matters.

Second, support raising hasn’t stopped but it’s impossible to give it the attention it deserves.  We wish we could keep up the almost daily meetings and continue actively building the team that will support the work in Australia.  However, at this point we are doing more praying than actively asking.  It’s a good thing we believe in prayer.

Third, life doesn’t stop during transitions.  I am still teaching until the end of January, Ryan has one more week of work at the church, meals still need to be cooked, clothes still need to be cleaned and life continues.  We’re definitely learning to prioritize and make choices.

But as much as the holidays make this time even more full, the holidays give us space and hope.  In a little over a week, Ryan and I will be traveling and gone for the rest of December.  We’ll shut the door on our messy home, leave all the worries of work behind us and just get to rest, enjoy family, friends and celebrate Jesus.  The do-er in me is slightly frustrated that we won’t be getting things done during that time but I am abundantly thankful to be forced to step away and slow down in order to actually enjoy and focus on the sweet, special season of Christmas.  Rejuvenated faith and sweet hope will be wonderful gifts this year.

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