Another Step Closer- A Support Update

We’re feeling the momentum building as we get closer to Australia.  Today and next Sunday we are being prayed for at the church we currently attend in Camarillo.  Multiple services and multiple campuses means many opportunities after the services to connect with people, share our story and our heart for Western Australia.


Today, we handed out tons of prayer cards and had 20 people sign up for our mailing list.  I love meeting more people from my current church community.  And it’s exciting to share our vision with people who want to encourage us, pray for us and financially give towards Australia.  Ryan and I are hoping that this helps build the momentum we’re currently experiencing.

In the past few weeks we have had multiple people pledge monthly support and start giving.  We are now up to 21% of our monthly support (remember we were at only 6% in October).  This brings us closer to our goal of 50% and it seems more attainable even though we have a long way to go.

Please keep praying for us, that we would continue to see God provide and that we would be effective in ministry here as we move closer to Australia.


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