Reasons #47-#49 Why I Love My Husband

#47- He’s talented.  I always knew this but I’ve been seeing it more as we get closer to Australia.  Ryan is gifted in ways that I am not.  For example, he’s currently putting together video using some of the footage he took while we were in Australia last year.  I look forward to continuing to learn how to use our separate gifts to work together.

#48- He’s my most used word according to Facebook.  This graphic has been going around Facebook and it shows what, according to Facebook, we write most about.  Although I do have other loves, in my Facebook world- Ryan, Australia and words all seem pretty accurate to me.Screen Shot 2015-11-18 at 9.35.54 PM

#49- He’s my favorite body pillow.  Ryan, at 6’10, is very long.  Before getting married I slept with a body pillow but now I have my husband.  Of course he moves more than a pillow but he’s way more comfortable.

Check out more reasons why I love my husband here: Reasons #44-#46 Why I Love My Husband.

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