Folding for the Kingdom

As Ryan and I live through this time of preparation, many of the tasks we do seem mundane.  After all, life goes on, I continue to teach, Ryan continues to work at the church, we still need to eat, clean, etc., all the while we do our best to engage potential supporters.  One way we hope to share our work is with a little brochure that includes more pictures and information about our hearts for the area in Perth, Brookton and beyond.


This brochure has been a work in progress but this week we printed 250 copies and started folding them.  Then last night while I prepared dinner and cleaned up the kitchen, Ryan sat down to fold some more.  By the time I was done and had sat down to join him, I ended up folding less than 10.  We were finished!  If you want to print your own, click on the picture below and it will take you to a pdf.  Simply print front and back along the short side of the paper and then fold the paper in half twice, let the pictures be your guide.


These brochures are now ready for our next two Sunday, prayer and connection times with our church here in town as well as to include when we mail out prayer cards.  I’m thankful that Ryan and I are a team.  We are working together for the same goals.  And I’m thankful that even something as monotonous as folding can be a part of great Kingdom work.

One thought on “Folding for the Kingdom

  1. Hi Joy, your pamphlet is upstairs at the printer. Later tonight I shall attempt to fold it according to your directions. Hopefully, all sides will be right side up. Was I supposed to also print on the other side as you had TWO pages? Hope that did not mess things up. Anyway, I’m willing to give it a try.

    Summer is coming in AU! Tis spring in Perth! Is there a local newspaper that one may access for local photos at this time of the year? Time now is beginning to fly as you approach a departure date sometime this year. Godbless! Bert Smith >

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