Advocating for Australia- Santa Paula

As Ryan and I are support raising, we have been asking people to help support us in three main ways.  We’ve been asking people to give financially, whether that is a one-time gift or a regular monthly gift.  We’ve also been asking people to pray, whether it’s a regular day of the week or a date during the month or just whenever, all prayers are cherished.  And last but not least, we’ve been asking people to advocate for us.

Recently we were encouraged to reconsider our use of the word advocate because what does advocate even mean?  Well, advocate means: to speak or write in favor of; support or urge by argument; recommend publicly.  It’s as simple as just sharing our story, but even more so to advocate means that you are in our corner with us.  And being behind us, supporting us is exactly why, after much consideration, to advocate is the right word for what we are asking from our friends and family.  We’re thankful for all the financial gifts, we are also thankful for all the prayers and we are abundantly thankful to anyone who chooses to advocate for us.


This weekend we reaped the benefits from one of our generous advocates.  A friend of mine gathered a group of about 15 people, who all had an interest in our story, to hear Ryan and I talk about Australia.  She planned for a yummy mid-western meal and gave us the platform to share our hearts and vision.  People then asked questions, prayed for us and received more information about how to keep in contact and how to give financially if they felt lead to do so.  It was a wonderful, encouraging night that increased our audience, prayer support and potentially our financial support as well.

Advocating for us can happen and has already happened in many ways.  You are welcome to help host or plan a get-together like the one I described above.  You can share about us on social media.  You can grab and extra prayer card or two or ten and hand them to people who might be interested in what God is doing in Australia.  You can simply share our story.  Or you can bring us up during corporate prayer.  These are simple yet effective ways to help get us closer to Australia.

Thank you to all our current and future advocates.  We are so grateful for the part you play in our work.

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