To Sell or Not to Sell

In anticipation of our international move, Ryan and I are paring down our earthly possessions.  Some of the decisions are easier than others.  And some of the decisions seem to require us to be clairvoyant.  If only we knew exactly what we would need or miss in the future.  But while we have always known that we are not clairvoyant, we learning how extremely sentimental we are.  This makes for a difficult combination but we can do it!


We’re currently talking with International shipping companies in order to get quotes for the things we do hope to ship.  This is important for us to know now because when we finally move out of our place at the beginning of February, we will have three categories of possessions.  First of all, we will be packing up our car.  Everything we need regularly or want to have with us as we travel while support raising will have to fit in our car.  The second category is store to ship.  This is everything that we will want to have with us in Australia in order to make a home.  Art, Christmas memories, favorite board games, special books, records, etc all fit in this category.  And finally there is the very small category of other things which will most likely end up in my parent’s attic.

We know that February will come very soon but we’re taking this one day at a time.  Each decision that is made to sell or keep an item gets us one small step closer to Australia.  Each thing we sell or get rid of is one small step closer to Australia.  This is definitely not our favorite part of the process but it is a wonderful reality.  Please pray for us and our decisions.  Oh and anyone need a comfy chair or a Christmas wreath?


One thought on “To Sell or Not to Sell

  1. This is sooooo very hard! No one knows unless they have gone thru this process. After our fire when we could figure out what we had left, what we had purchased, and what was important, we moved from Roseville, CA to Maui, Hi to be near our son and daughter-in-law. It is very expensive to ship house wears. It was very hard, to make the decisions and you live with your decisions that only you two can make and live with for many years to come. Our hearts and prayers are with you both to make these decisions together! This is a very stressful time! Know that God will lead you in the right direction! Mary Anne and Jack Huth!

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