Our Prayer Card- Ryan’s Rookie Card

There are baseball cards, football cards, basketball cards and a myriad of other sports related cards.  Some of the older ones are still pretty valuable, especially rookie cards.  But now there are some cards that seem to not be even worth the paper they are printed on.  However, the thrill of collecting and keeping cards is not always based on their monetary value.  Back in the early 90s, I remember having some cards with figure skaters on them.  After watching the Olympics, I thought that figure skater cards were pretty awesome.


This week Ryan and I received our current prayer card in the mail.  It’s fun to see the stacks of them and know that they will eventually end up in people’s homes, cars, Bibles and other places where they will remind people to pray for us.  Today, when I handed our prayer card to one of the kids at church, I told him it was our trading card.  He has over 500 football cards so the idea of another type of card was super exciting to him.  And because there are two of us, he said it was even more valuable to him.  What a sweet sentiment for Ryan and I!

In the ministry world, our trading cards are our prayer cards.  But unlike sports cards, the value is not in the cards themselves, instead the value is in the prayers these cards will encourage and the work all over the world that these prayer cards represent.  I now have three seasons of prayer cards.  My rookie card from back in 2008 when I was in Papua New Guinea, my first year with Australia in 2012 and now Ryan’s rookie card, our current Australia prayer card.

If you’re in the area then we look forward to putting a card in your hand soon.  Cards will be coming with us to Sacramento over the holidays as well as back to Wisconsin.  But don’t worry, if you’re far away then a card will be coming to your mailbox soon!

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