Prayers and Big Decisions

Ryan and I have set things in motion to be out of our place in Camarillo by February 8th.  Other tenants are making a final decision about moving in soon.  Ryan’s given notice at work and I am in the process of making an appointment to talk to my boss.  We also have plans to visit Sacramento over Thanksgiving and tickets to Wisconsin for Christmas.

In our last newsletter, we said that we were hoping to be full-time support raising by January, at 50% of our support by January, as well as able to pay for Ryan to visit Australia for a mission out to Brookton in January.  At this point we have verbal pledges for about 25% of our support.  And our account doesn’t show this amount yet, therefore we are truly stepping out in faith with this decision.


So what does this mean? Ryan and I are praying, a lot.  Working our part-time jobs, gathering our support team, maintaining our current relationships, as well as paring down all our worldly possessions is a lot of work.  We have a lot of little decisions to make but we’re excited about this big decision and the step of faith it has required.

Please be praying with us.  Pray for our marriage because all this change is stressful.  We definitely feel spiritual warfare at work when it comes to our relationship.  Pray for our support team, please pray that God would raise up the right supporters.  Please also be praying about how you can be a part of our team.  And finally be praying for Australia, Perth, Brookton and beyond.  Ryan and I can’t be in Australia right now so our ministry to the people fully relies on prayer.  Thank you for prayerfully joining in our ministry.

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