FaceTime for Support

It’s no secret that we need financial support in order to get us to Australia.  Ryan and I have been blessed with abundant financial gifts from our wedding that have allowed us to pay for our vision trip to Perth as well as our flights to and from Atlanta for our first two trainings.  However, this money is quickly disappearing as we transition towards Australia and have more ministry costs.  But as our personal ministry finances dwindle, we love seeing our official MTW account grow.  Although we still have a long way to go, we are excited about Australia and seeing God move in people’s hearts to join us financially.


To give you some idea of what we’ve been doing in order to make this happen, here are some basic numbers.  When this month is over, in addition to emails and phone calls, we will have had meetings with three churches and at least, 11 individuals or couples.  Some of these meetings have been in person but when we’re far away we’ve been taking advantage of Skype and FaceTime.  It’s been very fun to catch up with friends, introduce Ryan to people and share our hearts as well as our vision for life and ministry as a couple.  If you’re far away and want to catch up with us, let us know and we’ll schedule a time with you!


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