Australia- Last Year and Now

At this time last year Ryan and I were in Australia.  We were praying, having conversations, meeting people, asking questions, visiting places and trying to figure out if this would be the place for us.  We visited Perth and enjoyed the city: Peek into Perth.  We visited Fremantle and had some fun exploring: Finding Ourselves in Freo.  And while this was nice, neither place spoke to us as a couple.  And then there was Brookton.  Brookton and the surrounding area is where our hearts remain:  Brookton and Beyond.  Leaving Perth last year, we had a team invitation and were ready as a couple to take the next steps in order to get back to Australia.


Now a year later, we’ve been officially approved, “koala-fied” if I may.  This means that we are many steps closer to getting back to where our hearts are in the Wheat Belt, which is the area where Brookton is located.  We are slowly pairing down our belongings, doing our best to use our time wisely to prepare ourselves for what is to come and we are raising the financial support needed to get us back to Western Australia.  Another milestone is getting all of our official information together in order to be on MTWs website.  You can now check us out here: Ryan and Joy.

Next year we hope to either be in Australia or in the final stages of preparation, visa, final support amount, etc.  We know we have a lot of steps left to take but we are loving each other through the process.


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