Back to the Future

Today is the day when Marty McFly went to the future.  In anticipation of this momentous occasion, Ryan and I watched all 3 of the Back to the Future movies last month.  It was fun to watch these movies with my husband.


We enjoyed thinking about Marty’s future when fax machines still reigned and “Skype” was a new novelty.  Nope, we don’t all ride on hover boards or have clothes that automatically fit us with the push of a button or shoes that lace themselves but I’m sure the writers had fun dreaming of all the details.  I’m pretty impressed with all the things they did get right.


Ryan and I also enjoy parking at a spot in Port Hueneme that is near the rail road tracks where they filmed some of the scenes from the 3rd movie.  We get to take a walk or head to the beach and remember Marty McFly.

The future is here.


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