Finding Time to Date Your Husband

This weekend Ryan and I had some great time together despite the busyness of work and travel.  We had multiple meetings with supporters, and about 300 miles of driving, but still managed some good date time.  Ryan has always said that he never wants to stop dating me and I think that’s a wonderful idea:-)  We started the weekend with happy hour in downtown LA, admiring the skyline and enjoying the beautiful warm weather.  And we also got in some beach time, with our toes in the sand and sweet conversation while enjoying the amazing ocean colors.


Our schedules are currently changing and we’re moving towards more and more work time outside of our normal jobs.  This means more phone calls, emails, meetings with people and Australia conversations.  This is fun for us because we love sharing our hearts and vision for life and ministry in Australia.  However, it’s exhausting and requires a lot of time and organization.  We know that we have crazy scheduling ahead of us as we move towards full-time support raising and many more miles of driving and travel.  However, Ryan and I are committed to a good balance of fun and work.  This weekend was a great introduction and foreshadowing of what is to come.  There is a lot of hard work in our future but hopefully many more dates with my husband:-)


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