6 Things You Should Know about Support Raising

Ryan and I are currently raising support for our work in Australia.  But what does support raising even mean?  We recognize that this may be unfamiliar to many of you, money may be an uncomfortable topic to hear and talk about or you may be familiar with another organizations process but not MTW (Mission to the World).  However, here are 6 things Ryan and I want you to know about us and support raising.

australian dollar

Number 1: Support raising is a process.

Although we would love to be able to wake-up tomorrow, check our pledge report and see that we are fully supported for Australia, we know that it’s a process.  We have goals along the way that we need to meet in order to complete our trainings and every dollar given gets us closer.

Number 2: We need pledged monthly support as well as one-time gifts.

One time gifts definitely help us get to Australia and they will be beneficial to our work in the future as well.  However, we need monthly financial gifts in order to sustain us and our work.  If half of our mailing list gave $50 a month, we would be fully supported.  Is $50 too much for your budget?  Even $20 a month helps us meet our budget goals.  Thinking you could give more than $50?  We have generous givers at all levels, $50 and up from there.

Number 3: We need to be at 100% on our pledge report before we can leave.

The goals we have along the way are based on our financial progress, we need to have enough support to attend 2 more trainings and we need to be at a certain amount of our support before we can apply for our Australian visas.  MTW has an official pledge report that they use in order to track our support.  Ryan and I are currently at 6% according to that pledge report.  But if everyone who has said they would give, would make their pledge and/or begin giving now, we would be at over 20% of our support.  We’re thankful for the support we have but we’re looking toward the goal of 100%.

Number 4: We can’t keep working and support raise at the same time.

Ok, can’t is maybe a strong word.  Many people do continue to work while they are support raising.  But most of the time they have supporters in certain geographic locations, generally close to where they are working at their current jobs.  However, Ryan and I have supporters as well as potential supporters scattered around the US and the world.  We want to see as many people as possible face to face which requires travel.  It will be more cost effective to stop paying rent and drive to visit supporters rather then take time off of work and pay for multiple plane tickets for short, quick trips.  So that’s our goal, to be able to support raise full-time in the new year.

Number 5: We need prayer and financial support.

Yes, we believe in prayer.  Yes, we are so thankful for people who pray for us fervently and regularly.  Yes, we want you to keep praying.  However, we need both.  We need financial support in order to leave for Australia.  We are convinced that this is God’s calling and this is where he wants us, we know that the money is out there so we are going to keep working, asking and praying until we reach 100%.

Number 6: We want you to be a part of our support team.

First of all, we realize that sometimes you are unable to give financially.  We respect your decision.  We would still love for you to pray for us or support us in other ways.  However, we love it when people partner with us financially.  This is a great way to be a part of growing God’s kingdom world wide.  God is already at work and moving in Australia.  Ryan and I want to be there living and working and your financial gifts make you a part of the work.

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