Why Australia? Individual Calling

Ryan and I both felt drawn towards Australia before we even met each other.  We believe that God was putting these thoughts in our hearts and minds.  But even if you don’t believe in God or a calling, it’s still amazing how this story has unfolded.

It’s now 2015 but back in 2012, multiple months before Ryan and I even met, God started us towards Australia.P1020836

For those of you following my blog, you’ve seen my trips around the world trying to find where I would work after my time in Papua New Guinea.  And then in November 2012, after a trip to Perth I accepted an invitation to join the team already working there.  You can read the post here:  Finding me where?.  There were other countries that fit my skill set better, there were situations that might have been more obvious or comfortable.  But Australia was where I felt I needed to be.

About 4 months before we met (that would also be November 2012), Ryan was praying and wondering if and where he should be working overseas.  The two countries that started coming into his mind…South Africa and Australia.

So when we finally met in February 2013, the wheels were already set in motion.  On our third date, over breakfast in Summerland, I gave Ryan an out.  I told him about Australia, that I was raising support and hoping to move to and work in Perth.  I stated that if this was any type of a problem for him, then we probably shouldn’t go on any more dates.  Over his french toast he just said, “ok”.

I didn’t know what that ok meant but I found out later that he was already thinking about Australia and so my declaration just gave him another nudge in that direction.  He figured at that point, if things went well between us, we would see if Australia was a place for us together.

Fastforward and with many details left out, we are now moving towards Australia together.  This is not just my calling or Ryan’s calling, this is our calling.

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