A Day in My Life

Although Ryan and I are moving towards Australia, we are still doing our best to be present and make the most of our relationships, jobs and life here.  So coming back from Atlanta, I dove right back into work.  Monday was filled with meetings and today I was back in the classroom.

For my adult ESL class we reviewed different tenses based on their level, did worksheets, had conversations and finished the class with a writing activity in their journals.  Writing is a skill and editing is another skill.  We’re currently working on both and I use this handy little chart to remind the students what main things to be looking for when editing their own work as well as editing each other’s work.  This class is super motivated and they really enjoy learning and working together.  It’s nice to teach students who you know are there and ready to learn.
The Editing Cycle

While my first class of the day was pretty tame.  My ABE class (adult basic education) is always a little more upbeat and lively.  We reviewed numbers and colors and what plants need to grow.  This whole term we are focusing on plants but we throw in other basic knowledge and skills to keep the students interested and learning.  And we try to do activities that engage all their senses including videos like this one when we’re counting, we might as well exercise at the same time.  This class loves coloring and listening to 50’s music while they work.  They take every opportunity to get up, dance and move.

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