The Road to Australia Continues


2 trainings down, 2 more to go.  Ryan and I are continuing on our journey towards Australia.  This past week in Atlanta was intense, encouraging, challenging and motivating.  We met and reconnected with people going all over the world to work with college students, in theological training, church planting, mercy ministry, medical ministry, ESL and much much more.  God is at work all over the globe.


We were all challenged this week to explain our hearts and further understand our own mission within this organization.  Ryan and I both know that we desire to see the hope of Christ transform people and communities in Western Australia but even more than that we were reminded that we need to keep declaring the hope of Christ here in California and preaching the truth to ourselves as we continue this process.

And the process indeed continues.  We are both still working our current jobs in Camarillo.  We are also raising financial support (more on our official budget soon!) and continuing to stay connected with our friends and family on this side of the pond while looking forward to what is to come.


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